Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix.


    I’m thinking about booking seats for myself and partner in one of the hospitality suites (Elite Restaurant, Prestige Club, Senna Club). Has anyone tried them? I can’t find many reviews online. I’m travelling with someone with health problems who needs a bit more space than we’d get in the grandstands (based on my experience of rather cramped seating in grandstand 33 a couple of years ago). Shelter from sun/rain would be a bonus. I mainly worried that we’re trading comfort for the kind of views you get from grandstands 11 or 12.

    Michael Moran

    Woohooo…..My tickets arrived in the mail yesterday!

    Got the Bronze Trio, so I’ll be in 22 on Friday, 31 on Saturday & 33 on Sunday.

    Wife is going on a girls trip to Grand Cayman that week, so figured it would be a great idea to pop up to Montreal for the weekend to see how the Canadians do F1. Booked a condo on Crescent very close to where the Quality Inn is so will make it easy to check out the party on Crescent & Peel Streets. About 300 yards to the metro for quick access to the track too.

    Now just need to figure out how to make the next 6 months go by quickly!


    @budaman Cool! We paid for our tickets last week. Same seats as last year in GS 12. Will this be your first time to Montreal? Where are you flying from?

    Michael Moran

    Yes, will be my first visit to Montreal. Flying in from Austin…..should be a nice break from the heat. Should be upper 90’s to low 100’s by then.

    Jeff Carroll

    Merry Christmas to me! Never been to an F1 race and just received my tickets. Can anyone tell me if row Z is the top of GS 12?

    Michael Moran

    From what I understand, Z would be the last row. The stands that have more than 26 rows, the first row would be AA and would progress up however many rows to where there are 26 left & then begin row A.

    Jeff Carroll

    Great! Thanks

    sbl on tour

    whats the price of flights from the UK?
    SBL could be doing this in 2015


    Just bought my tickets in Grandstand 12! this is gonna be my first grand prix, so excited!


    Glad you guys are coming to Montreal! This is the site for the grand prix

    F1 weekend in Montreal is amazing! So much to do, so many restaurants an amazing night life.

    If you have any questions ask

    Michael Moran

    S2G-Unit…. since you opened yourself up, do have a few questions.

    Since I’ll be by myself, where would you suggest for dinner around Crescent St.? Also, dress code for such. Will be traveling very light, so won’t be bringing much. How hard will it be to get onto one of the terraces to people watch?

    Finally, for now….want to be at the circuit early so I can explore….maybe 8-9 ish. What time should I plan on being at the Barri-Quam(?) Metro & the yellow line? I figure maybe 15 min. to there from Crescent?


    Here is a link to Crescent street 2013 activities to give you an idea

    Restaurants in the picture of that link would be:
    Pino Lounge on corner near stage
    Sir Winston Churchill to the right off Pino:

    Newtown (english translation of Villeneuve). It’s right across the street from Pino
    I wouldn’t worry at all about dress code. Jeans & whatever you want. Montrealers would probably be wearing jeans & a dress shirt. There will be so many out of towners. Everyone has their own style. A more chic dress code would be more for St-Laurent street “supper clubs” or upscale restos.

    You will have an impossible time sitting on the terrace near the street. Just too many people unless your willing to wait. Either way, you’ll be in the heart of the action.



    You can take the Metro like you are saying. Here is the map:

    Should take like you say 15-20 minutes to get to the track by Metro.
    For traveling to Ile Notre Dame, forget the metro.
    This is my secret tip to only F1Fanatics!
    Take the ferry from the old port
    As you can see from the small map on the right (click on it). It also takes you the adjacent island Ile Ste-Helene (the track is 1 bridge away on Ile Notre Dame). A 2-4 minute walk away from the “Jean Drapeau Metro” drop off (also in the map). Then it will take you 10-15 minutes to your seats if you are at the hairpin or probably 45 minutes to Senna Curve Grandstands 11&12.


    The ferry costs 15$ for the day (metro is less but HUGE crowds) & tickets are bought as you board in the old port & it runs, I think every 15-30 minutes & the ride is about 10 minutes on the water.

    I would go as early as possible to the track. You can see the other events which are usually Formula 1600, Ferrari Challenge & others. You will have tons of things to do at the track as you walk around. There are always games, samples of food, shops. Honestly, we have have some sexy ass women all over Montreal too! You’ll have fun hanging out in the Budweiser section inside the track near GS 31. Basically an outdoor club with girls dancing on stage.

    Quick Vids here:
    Bud Lite Party section inside the track

    Now, I cant wait! you guys are going to LOVE Montreal! (not during the winter, it’s been around -20 -30 celcius for the last week)

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