Going to the Canadian Grand Prix at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Going to the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2015 Canadian Grand Prix.

    Michael Moran

    So, what is your gut feeling on dates for 2015? Based on previous years, it should be June 5-7, but with the new venues that are to come on board next year……? I really want to return, having gone this year. Had a fantastic time, Montreal was so easy to get around & the atmosphere was terrific! Just really paranoid about booking anything before the schedule comes out in December.

    Pics from this years race: http://www.mmtravelpics.com/Our_World_%26_Welcome_to_It%21/14_Grand_Prix_du_Canada/14_Grand_Prix_du_Canada.html


    I am also waiting for the official date to be announced so I can book my flight and accommodations. What I read so far is that (like you said) it will take place on 5-7 June, but we won’t be sure until the official announcement.

    It will be the first F1 Grand Prix that I attend, so my expectations are very high. Any tips and tricks are very welcome :-)

    Edit: I found a link with a provisional calendar: The official calendar should be available at the end of September. On the same site, tickets to the 2015 Canadian GP can already be bought.


    Will be my first GP. I am going with 4 other friends all in our Mid 20’s. Anyone have any recommendations for a hotel thats close to the course, but also close to the bars for after the race? Also – Which grandstand is the best for us to get tickets to? Thanks everyone!

    Fred Nutt

    Just confirmed travel arangements and ticket in stand 11. The folks at the phone center of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve were very helpful in getting the section and seat I wanted in spite of the Texan/French language divide.
    My first race at CGV and I am really looking forward to it. I am rather fond of the old school tracks as I began my F1 viewing at Watkins Glen. See you there!

    Adam Blocker

    Does anyone know if it is better to take the metro or ferry on race day? My family is staying over by the Latin quarter.

    Also, what are some great things to do in Montréal? We are staying for all three days so we have some time to do things.

    It is my first time going to a Grand Prix, so I am looking forward to it!

    Richard Paquet

    Hi Adam,
    You should definitely take the metro to get to the track.
    Depending on where your seats are you will have to walk a bit (hairpin) or a lot (Senna corners). But it’s a nice walk through a park.
    Lots to do in Montreal. I would recommend Crescent street which is where the F1 party happens all week long. Mont-Royal is worth it, nice walk in the mountain. Old Montreal is a must. Mont-Royal avenue, St-Laurence and Ste-Catherine streets are also great to walk.
    Hope this helps.
    Enjoy the race and Montreal!


    We’re going this year, looking at doing the Senna Trio tickets as we like moving grandstands per day. It says grand stand 12 rather than 11 though which from what I gather 11 is a bit better view, but I’m sure it’ll be good whatever. Never been to Canada before (we’re heading from the UK) so gonna extend our trip to Toronto too.

    Jerad Castillo

    It looks like I am making the journey from Texas, likely solo. I have attend all the USGP’s at COTA, so this my 1st “Fly away” race. Looking forward to it. I have read all the tips for the circuit and Montreal. Any restaurant tips or any other places to visit around the city?

    Michael Moran

    One thing you’ll enjoy that is missing at COTA. Shade! plenty of grass and shaded areas around the grandstands where you can relax and get a break from the sun in-between stuff happening on track. Killing some time in the casino is nice also. My son and I are going up on Wednesday out of Austin thru Chicago. staying right on Crescent. There is a decent Mexican restaurant on St. Catherines very close to the fan Fest activities on Crescent. Hurley Pub on Crescent has a decent burger and lots of different brews. Hopefully Buxton’s Bash will be there again this year. You’re going to have a blast going to Montreal. try to get your souvenir shoping at the track done early, because they good t shirts will run out by Saturday. Take a left when you exit the metro and walk towards the huge globe and turn right after crossing the bridge and you’ll hit the majority of the vendors.take a stroll the park people watching and absorb the atmosphere!


    This is a long shot, but… If anyone has a ticket for Friday that will be going to waste because you cannot attend, I’d be more than happy to fill your seat.
    I’ve attended 9 times since 1996, from general admission to the Mercedes Elite Loge, and have always enjoyed myself — so much that I’d go on just on Friday than not at all.
    Thanks and have a great race!

    Ray Francoeur

    I see they’ve added another “popular” grandstand (“popular 2”). Looking at the map it looks like it faces the other popular grandstand I wonder if grandstand 34 will block the sight lines to the hair pin?. Anyone have experience with the general admission grandstand from last year? How early do you have to show up to get a decent seat?

    Adam Blocker

    @earthling Thanks for the response.

    Does anyone know if there is a TV screen across from the popular grandstand? And can you see the apex of the hairpin?


    Hi there
    I have 2 tickets this year at grandstand 12 section 5. It is an excellent viewpoint to watch the main straight and the senna turn. I was wondering if anyone wanted to swap tickets for a day, I would be looking to sit at the hairpin on either Friday or Saturday. Message me privately if you are interested.


    Long shot … but … anyone know where/how I could get pit walk passes for Friday for me and my girlfriend? Not looking for a freebie, as we are already going to the race (she bought me tickets for my bday) but would love to get to the pits .. anyone?

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