Going to the Hungarian Grand Prix at Hungaroring

Going to the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix at the Hungaroring

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix.



    I am looking into tickets for the F1 Grand Prix at Hungary for my Husband as it’s our anniversary on the 27th of July, and he is a HUGE F1 Fan. These are the cheapest tickets I could find, closest to the UK. Anyone who has been before, please can you help with some questions?

    1 – I have a 8 year old daughter who we might decide to take along with us. Is this a safe area to take a child and stay?
    2 – Where is the best location to stay with a view of getting to the track, and also close to other things to do if we decide to go for the weekend?
    3 – Should we rent a car?

    I would really appreciate any help and tips you can give me, I want this to be a surprise and I can’t ask him any questions otherwise it’ll give the game away!

    Thank you in advance :)



    What do you mean by safe area? The track is just a few miles outside of Budapest, most fans stay in the city for the weekend and go to the track every day. You have a lot of options for getting to the track taxi, rental car, bus, train. Taxi is the most expensive, but the cabs have a private road for getting to the track, so it is never crowded. The bus is free and uses the same road as the cabs, but it is always full, and I mean ‘you cant breathe’ full, not ‘cant sit’ full. so I wouldnt recommend that. Rental cars are a bit cheaper than cabs if you share it with some fans, but getting to and off the track on public roads can be a pain in the arse. And you have the train, which only takes you near the track, after that, you have a half an hour walk to get there, but it is way faster than the car, lesss crowded than the bus, and cheap one ticket to the track is around 1€.

    So if you are serious about going, I would recommend staying downtown in district VII. or V. (they are the safest districts), and going by train.



    Thank you so much for your response. I’m not very good with Geography, and didn’t know whether it was near an area where there was fighting, or lots of crime etc. I know that sounds daft!

    You’ve really helped – thank you :)


    Going to the Hungaroring for the first time next year and really can’t wait!

    By good fortune the flights to and from Hungary from my local airport are fairly sporadic so we’re having to stay four days. Such a shame!

    Ticket prices are much more competitive than most European races and hotels seem pretty cheap compared to most venues.

    Brum brum!


    Just booked our flights and accomadation and tickets for less than it cost me for silverstone last year. Cant complain at them kind of prices and it will be nice not to sit in the rain for a change.

    Steven Milne

    Got my flights and accommodation booked for hungary next year can’t wait only 20min drive away from circuit :D

    Bryn Jeavons

    I have been to budapest for the F1 Grand prix for the last 6 years. Whilst there are many others who have been more than me I can give you some information which should assist you.
    Here is a basic guide to F1 Hungaroring .
    First off, this city and racetrack are as safe as any others that I have been to. Other than the odd pickpocket, we have never seen any other crime taking place (other than Massa’s engine blowing 3 laps from the end in 2008) . Walking around the city of an evening is an absolute joy. There are many restaurants and bars where the atmosphere of F1 weekend oozes. People gather outside hotels where the teams stay, like The Kempinski(Ferrari), Four Seasons (Red Bull), Le Meridien (Williams) and others.
    The Public transport system around Budapest is superb, with the choice of using the metro or tramcar to get around the city. You can purchase a book of ten tickets, which work out at around 1 Euro per ticket and you need one ticket per journey. (Be aware that Ticket Inspectors are often on the transport and if caught without using the tickets you are liable to an instant fine of around 60 Euros.) and also be aware that if you travel tram to metro then they class that as two journeys so you will need two tickets per person.
    Getting to and from the racetrack.
    The best way is by taxi, but this is not cheap. On F1 weekend the majority of the popular taxis run a fixed fee of 9990 Forints (40 Euros) each way, to and from the racetrack, and will take you to any hotel in the city for the set fee. Remember that the fee is fixed and is per taxi, so if you are looking to cut the cost then join up with someone in the taxi queue and head back to the city centre.
    The city provide free public transport by bus from the Volta bus station at Arpad Hid, to the local village Mogyorod and then it is about a 15 minute walk to the circuit. We have found that if you catch the early buses, around 8 am each day then they are not too crowded but the later you leave it then they become extremely crowded and can be very uncomfortable. The return journey is a nightmare and is totally not recommended. You have the walk back to the village and then queue( well I will class it as that) for a long time as there is no system to people queueing to get on them and a total lack of any people to organise or supervise this. It is totally a free for all and every single bus is rammed to capacity and beyond, and it is often that two people queueing for the same bus can be separated, once on, by the madding crowd. I have seen people on the bus while their companions are outside as the bus leaves. TOTALLY NOT RECOMMENDED.
    My choice has been to travel by the early bus and then get a taxi back to the city.
    There is also a local train service, but I have never used this.

    If money is no object then get yourself a helicopter ride to the circuit from the city.

    Circuit tickets
    There are many good viewing areas around Hungaroring and for 5 of the six years we have been we have sat in Silver 3 which gives good views of about 40% of the track (Silver 4 is directly behind 3 and raised so you may get better sights from there.
    In 2012 we had a 3 corner ticket which gave us seats in Super Gold on Practice, Silver 3 qualifying and Gold 1 for the race. This was Brilliant, 8 rows from the track and directly opposite the podium.
    My recommendation for tickets for Hungaroring is to purchase through http://www.gpticketshop.com who are the circuits official ticket agents and they can supply you with the exact seats (subject to then being available) that you want. We have had the same seats for 4 years.

    Staying in Budapest.
    There are many many hotels and apartments that can be found on numerous booking sights. The best option is to look at any that are around areas v, vi, vii and you cant go far wrong.

    SACHA GRAVES if you want to take your husband for a nice meal in a nice location take a look at Spoon restaurant http://www.spoonrestaurants.hu/en/ Very highly recommended and at a reasonable price.


    I’ve booked already for this year’s F1 event.

    Thanks for the tips your sharing guys found them really helpful and sure will find other the same way when i will be there with my friends.

    I’ve ordered my weekend tickets for 3 from http://www.mygpticket.com as it was the best package i could get. Chose Silver 4 stand as i saw many comments over the net recommending this stand as you will see a good percentage of the track especially the last sector.

    Regards accommodation i will be staying in district vi, close into the city centre and seems that transport to and from the circuit is not a problem from there. Aparthotels seems the best and cheapest accommodation around!

    Can someone please guide me on this: is the free bus to and from the circuit leaves only from Arpad bridge? or there are other pick up points?

    Im looking forward for next July but till then i will keep active in this group to help others making the best deals out and to get as much tips as possible from those who already visited Hungaroring.

    Thanks guys, appreciate

    Bryn Jeavons

    Jason Glanza If you are staying in the city then ONLY free transport from Arpad HId


    thanks :)


    Thanks for the great info Bryn. We are coming from the US and going to the German and then Hungarian Grand Prix. We are staying at the Four Seasons, so hopefully we’ll see some of the Red Bull team if we hang out at the lobby bar.

    Bryn Jeavons

    Michael, I’m sure you will thoroughly enjoy it. Do try spoon restaurant, it is reasonably priced and great quality.
    I drove from nurburgring To Budapest a couple of years ago when I also went to both races. It took about ten hours. How are you getting between the two?


    Hey we are doing both German and Hungarian races as well this year, we are driving between the two over a couple of days, planning on doing the merc museum in stuttgart and maybe staying in vienna or munich area on the way


    Hi, I have a few questions if anybody is able to help out please. On ticketing websites it doesn’t make it particularly clear, but do grandstand tickets include general admission, or do you have to buy them on top? Also, what is the general admission like? I see that it covers about half of the track, but is it easy to get a decent view?

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