Going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

Going to the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka

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    Discussion area for fans going to the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka.


    I’m going, just booked the flights and I’m now trying to figure out where to seat.

    This is going to be my first F1 race.


    @Pirespt There’s some advice here.


    Thanks Keith

    I’m trying to decide between, grandstand S, D4-5 or C4-6 upper tier.

    Anyone sat at any of these?



    Friday is usually an open day at Suzuka so you can walk around and try different stands. I have sat in D4-5 and C4-6 for about 20 min each, I didnt get to S.

    I preferred C4-6 as you get to see them into T1 flat out to brake mid corner, harder into T2 then into the S-bends. D4-5 was great as well but in C you get the great view under hard braking. At both you have a great view through all the S-bend. D4-5 is right behind the Paddock, but from there you wont see anything to change your choice.

    Try this site, its where we bought our tickets and if you click on the seat ratings on the right hand side there are some good reviews:

    S stand seemed to be highly rated when we were looking and you would get a good view of the pits, but I think Q1 and Q2 are the first to go as you get a great view around R130 and into the chicane.


    Hi @Garns

    Thanks for the tips.

    We won’t go on Friday, only Saturday and Sunday and we are coming from the alps.

    Q2 is quite more than what I want to spend and I thought that S would give us more to see before and after the race. It is my wife’s first race and I’d hate her to get bored. Am I right in saying that with binos you can see the podium from S? Do they allow you to get to the track?

    I was thinking that I might seat Q or D for qualifying then S for the race.

    I’ll be using bookf1, they seem reliable.


    Ben Topliss

    Hello. I’m just planning my first trip to the Japanese Grand Prix and I’m trying to decided between B2: Upper Tier, C: 4-6 Upper Tier, A2: Upper Tier and then maybe R or S.

    I like the idea of the upper tiers so I can get some shots of the cars from above the fencing, and I’ve read about seating in R or S being obstructed by advertising hoardings?

    Is there anywhere online which has preview images of the views from each stand? I’ve looked but kind find much.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi @BenTopliss

    You can use their official site http://www.suzukacircuit.jp/ticket_s/2014/f1/ scroll to the bottom and select the letter of the stand you want to look at. I end up booking Q1 Lower Tier as the cost for other seats were too high.


    The website above also shows pics.



    I am looking foward to go to this year’s my first Japanese grandprix. Do you guys know where I can get an

    autograph? I don’t mean autograph session. I want to get a signaure on my personal item.

    Any tips would be helpful.


    Trevor Hung

    Hello All.

    Just booked my ticket for Suzuka (Grandstand E – the Dunlop curve) after finding out that the Japanese Grand Prix was going to be on whilst I was travelling around Japan (can’t believe I didn’t realise it until a few days).

    I have a simple and quick question: Knowing the weekend tickets cover Fri-Sun, I heard that there will be events held on a Thursday, is this correct and can I use my ticket to attend?



    I’m planning my trip to Japan for the gp.
    I can stay in osaka to reach suzuka?
    sorry for my English, I use google Translate


    @kimi82 you can, but it is easier from Nagoya as they run special trains.


    Try to memorise your transfers as it gets confusing with some trains being fast and more expensive than others. You can book the seat on those special trains the day before.

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