Going to the Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

Going to the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix at Circuit de Catalunya

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    Discussion area for people going to the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix.


    i am going, any suggestions as it is my first time ?(i already posted on the where to sit page)

    boundary layer

    I’ve been to Montmeló twice. First time in grandstand F, right in front of the breaking zone for the first chicane. Best place for overtaking and run-off’s -especially in the first lap & GP2-. And those cars gearing down… There’s also a large TV screen in front, so you won’t miss a thing. Second time in grandstand G -close to turn 12-. It is great as you can see all the action from turns 10 to 13, and luckly you’ll get some passes at turn 10! The screens are far away though. Pricewise, grandstand F was definitely more expensive than G.
    If it’s your first time -or one in a long time- to a GP, I’d go for turn 1. Otherwise, grandstand G offers an unusual stadium-like vision.


    Hi all,
    Im off to spanish gp this year, going alone, flights and tickets sorted, but currently trying to sort hotel and best means of getting to circuit each day.
    Any recommendations/thoughts much appreciated. cheers.


    I’m planning on heading over for the weekend with a group of friends and we are wanting to camp, does anyone know about the camping facilities there? we did hungary last year and surprised how quiet and organised it was but i’m guessing that spain isn’t quite in the same league?


    Hi. We are heading over to the Spanish Grand Prix in May. My boy will be 6 then and is fanatical about F1. This will be his 1st race and our first grand prix. We have general admission tickets for the 3 days – 2 of these cost £92 with an extra £10.50 for booking and posting charges. My boy is free as he is under 12 which is good. I thought £207 for the 3 of us for the weekend was good value compared to teh very expensive grandstand prices.

    Can anyone tell me if the general admission weekend ticket gets you in on the Thursday ? If so can anyone give us details of the times and what happens on the Thursday as my boy will love to get a close up of the drivers.

    Also, is it true we can get into the grandstands on the Friday with a general admission ticket? Thats great news if thats the case.

    We are staying in the centre of Barcelona so plan to get the bus to the track with Sagles but I dont think they run buses on the Thursday so any tips for Thursday transport would be appreciated.

    We are only staying Wed – Sunday as the flight prices were much dearer for a Monday return. I was also worried it would be too busy for my boy on the Sunday so we are coming home on the Sunday. We will be there Thursday (hopefully) Friday and Saturday so it should be a great experience. We will be sky plussing the race and will watch it when we get home on Sunday night. Therefore anyone who is looking for 2 Sunday tickets we could pass them onto you. I am not sure if the tickets have your name on them. If not then we could pass or sell on Sunday general admission tickets to anyone interested.


    This will be my first time ever. Flying in from Estonia – about 4h Ryanair flight to Girona/Barcelona. Hope to catch some early summer sun and see the F1 fuzz. I took the cheapest J stand as at the moment I’m going alone. Otherwise would have taken the general admission. I think Friday was a day you could go to any stand with general admission? Would be a great way to scout a stand/seat for the next year!

    I’m gonna book a car for the week. It seems to be just over 100€ for the whole week and parking at the track was around 15-20€ for the weekend. Better than spend the same money or more on public transportation – if you’re travelling with 2-3 people makes even more sense. Transportation from the Girona airport to Barcelona round trip was 24€ already.

    Any good advice where to book the car? Hertz, Avis and Europecar are 40% more expensive than some online booking sites but which to choose? What cheap Barcelona downtown hotel/hostel to choose?

    I took the tickets through bookf1.com – hope it works and I get them through mail in time.

    See you there :)


    On the official Circuit de Catalunya site it says:

    -With the Grand Prix ticket, you will also enjoy the F1 Test Days at the Circuit de Catalunya for free (21-24 February and 1-4 March)!

    I bought my ticket some time ago and as far as I know the tickets get printed 2-4 weeks before the race and then sent out to all the distributors.

    I’m not going to the testing but say if I did want to go to the testing, how would I go there for free with my ticket if I don’t have the ticket yet?


    Alex, I was thinking the same thing.


    It’s my 40th this year and me and my dad are off to The Spanish grand prix, can’t wait. We do Silverstone each year, but this is our first trip to an f1 race outside england. Staying in Barcelona and travelling to the circuit each day. Is it easy to get to the circuit from Barcelona?


    Mark, here is a guide on how to travel from Barcelona to the track for the GP and what not:



    I’m getting general admission tickets, is it best to buy them from the official F1 site??


    I’m going with friends this year. Went to testing in 2011 to scope it out and travelling to and from the track is easy enough by train. Checked out best viewing locations, and i reckoned it was stand F as previously mentioned. You’d see the start, and overtakes into turn 1, turn 2 and the start of turn 3. The way the cars change direction from turns 2 to 3 is mind-boggling. Also good view of downhill turn 5, 6, 7 & 8. Though, this was without any crowds. I’ve plumped for a General admission ticket for all 3 days and am going to be on the Pelouse at turn 6. Great view of the first 2 corners, turn 5 exit and the fast uphill chicane of 7 & 8.


    Hi going to the f1 in may we are planning on camping at the circuit does anyone know if you have to book or can you just walk in and pay finding it very hard to find out. Anyone else going from Manchester England?


    Me and my Son (11) are going!. Booked flights yesterday out of Liverpool for £60 return total, 3 day GA tickets to sort today and then somewhere to stay, but seen a few good places on the coast that look cheap and cheerful so might opt for one of them! Were from South Cumbria, if anyone is interesested in sharing accom over there, as looked at a few holiday apartments – let us know

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