GP3 2014 teams and drivers

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    Bradley Downton

    @keithcollantine – That is some of the best news I’ve heard over the winter regarding the feeder series’. Dean jumped in the car for the first time in Abu Dhabi and stuck it on the podium. I have no doubt that had it not been for the cancer he’d be in or at least very very close to F1 by now.

    On another note, what else is Elinas doing this year? Obviously he’s not in GP3 again, will he move up to GP2, despite the fact that all that are left is fairly rubbish ‘pay driver’ seats?

    Iestyn Davies

    Great news for Dean Stoneman. I thought he had a great drive in Abu Dhabi. He’s had 3 years out.. but can now come back fighting fit. He could well take the fight to Lynn and Kirchhofer at the front of GP3.

    I was expecting McKee to be driving for Marussia Manor in GP3, and Ellinas in GP2. But it looks like Ellinas may just be doing the reserve F1 role, while Lancaster is testing the GP2 car.


    Whilst I’m glad that Dean Stoneman is getting a chance after all that befell him in 2011, I would’ve been happier if Richie Stanaway had been considered. More talented in my opinion, but seems people have forgotten about him…


    This driver used to be my student (I’m a high school teacher):

    Iestyn Davies

    That’s so cool @magon4!

    I’ve read that Stanaway will get some laps with Status at Estoril pre-season test :)


    @fastiesty Yeah, his day with Status went rather well, and given that Merhi has the money to do WSR, the path should open up for Stanaway to get a seat..


    So the final line-up for barcelona is here!

    We have 18 different nations competing in this series. only 3 nations field more than one driver, these are switzerland (3 drivers), great britain (7!!) and russia (2)

    ART Grand Prix
    1 – Alex Fontana
    2 – Marvin Kirchhofer
    3 – Dino Zamparelli

    Arden International
    4 – Robert Visoiu
    5 – Patric Niederhauser
    6 – Jann Mardenborough

    Koiranen GP
    7 – Carmen Jorda
    8 – Jimmy Eriksson
    9 – Santiago Urrutia

    10 – Alex Lynn
    11 – Emil Bernstorff
    12 – Luis Sa Silva

    Marussia Manor Racing
    14 – Patrick Kujala
    15 – Ryan Cullen
    16 – Dean Stoneman

    Hilmer Motorsport
    17 – Ivan Taranov
    18 – Nelson Mason
    19 – Beitske Visser

    Jenzer Motorsport
    20 – Pal Varhaug
    21 – Matheo Tuscher
    22 – Adderly Fong

    23 – Victor Carbone
    24 – Roman De Beer
    25 – Denis Nagulin

    Status Grand Prix
    26 – Nick Yelloly
    27 – Richie Stanaway
    28 – Alfonso Celis Jr

    Iestyn Davies

    Interesting to see Beitske Visser doubling up with GP3. She must have good backing then, so why not do Eurocup this year and then FR3.5 and/or GP3 next year? Although that means a couple of hundred thousand more currency in commitment.

    On the 7(!) Brits.. Zamparelli and Bernstorff were born here from Italian and Danish/German racing families, that were living in the UK, both previously using licences from those countries. Cullen is there rather than a multi-champion like Scott Malvern (for cash reasons.. Scott is now his driver coach instead), while Jann Mardenborough was lucky enough to win the GT academy and is now pushing forwards with all he’s got (a bit like Bruno Senna once he returned to racing).


    My guess is the sponsors feel that Eurocup instead of FR3.5\GP3 does not offer enough for their investment.

    Iestyn Davies

    True. But if she ‘flops’, from being out of her depth this year, that’s not good for her development either.. A front running year in Eurocup would’ve done her reputation wonders, giving a better chance of being competitive next year at the GP3/FR3.5 level. But, that would require another year of racing costs (which are not cheap).


    Driver development is something Red Bull had signed her for last season, once expectations weren’t met she was dropped. Being retained still doesn’t allow a driver to dictate terms, due to the funding model in European open wheel racing. If this were the Nascar Nationwide series, then she would have a good chance of being paid as the teams carry much more of their own sponsorship.

    I’m not sure if Eurocup 2.0 has much more than a short highlight segment on Eurosport. The group of businesses involved (with the way the economy is) will likely be wanting the best short-term gain on their investment. Being the sole female in FR3.5 (live coverage on Eurosport, BT Sport and others), even if she parks the car 10 laps in, means that Visser gets more screen time for them. I don’t know the details of the GP3 deal.

    Then there’s the ancillary coverage outside of events by motorsports websites etc, which again is going to be greater for FR3.5 vs Eurocup. AVF will be happy to take the money given the reduction in car count this year.

    Oli Peacock

    Can someone tell me why Carmen Jorda is even allowed at a racetrack?


    She brings money, like most of the field. You can DNQ in GP3, so she obviously met the minimum speed requirement.

    Lynn will no doubt make the most of the pole position, several rookies qualifying in the top 10 so that will make an interesting race. Dean Stoneman must be disappointed with 13th.

    Iestyn Davies

    I’ll admit I felt for Mardenborough dropping it on the restart, before that he looked very impressive in the sprint race, and even Kirchhofer was almost left behind at the restart. The damp conditions really allow natural talent to rise.. or fall flat. Cullen had a massive Trulli train going at the end of lap 1. If only that was his multi-junior champion now driver coach, Scott Malvern, in the car… and Stoneman, Tuscher, Stanaway and Bernstorff etc. brought it home.

    I think we could lose the last 5 GP3 cars and the series would be much stronger. But that would mean that the teams would be a lot poorer and struggling to barely survive.. same for a few cars in GP2.

    Have to say I agree with all of your points. Visser looks a lot more up to speed in GP3 however so perhaps that fulfils both briefs. I wonder how she would’ve gone this year in Eurocup however if RB had kept and placed her there… Jorda is doing the Minardi role and getting a lot of screen time each race for spinning off!

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