GP3 confirm they will race at Monaco for the first time in 2012


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    This is going to be fun – GP3 confirm they will race at Monaco for the first time ever this year:

    Bruno Michel: “I am delighted to announce that Monaco has been confirmed on the 2012 GP3 Series calendar. It was quite a task to study all logistic options to fit our paddock in an already busy environment. Thanks to Automobile Club de Monaco and Formula One Management it’s all come together fine. This is a fantastic exposure opportunity for the Series and for the drivers to showcase their talent around the challenging streets of Monaco and to provide, as usual, a great show.”

    Let’s recall how the GP2 boys did during qualifying last year – and there’s not as many of them!

    Prisoner Monkeys

    Between Formula 1, GP2, GP3 and Formula Renault 3.5, I think there’s going to be more racing drivers in Monaco on the last weekend in May than there will be actual residents of the principality.


    GP3’s head of operation Leon Price has just said on Twitter they may have to split the qualifying session in two.

    They’ve got potentially up to 30 cars – teams don’t have to have three cars this year but the Monaco race is surely gong to be the most in-demand for those prepared to fork out to drive.


    As that video shows, the standard of driving at GP2 last year in Monaco was appalling, and if the GP3 drivers are as bad, it could be embarrassing. From the point of view of an entertainment-seeking viewer, though, this is great news. Bring it on!

    Prisoner Monkeys


    teams don’t have to have three cars

    Did that rule get approved? I thought it had been proposed by the organisers and supported by some of the teams, but I haven’t heard anything about it being approved. Mind you, GP3 doesn’t exactly get a lot of coverage in comparison to some of the other series out there.


    Crash fest!


    That GP2 video looks like an advert warning against drunk-driving. They would have to have 2 quali sessions it would be a traffic jam with 30 cars.

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