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Video: Grandstand finish in Porsche race at Mosport

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    Former Canadian Grand Prix venue Mosport (which they now insist on calling ‘Canadian Tire Motorsport Park’) saw a superb scrap for the lead in the Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge race on Saturday.

    There was just 0.011s in it between Madison Snow and Angel Benitez Jnr at the flag. Enjoy!


    Really great driving, you need a lot of respect to follow someone that close and not hit them. In hindsight the black car should have stayed tight on the last corner, but that’s an easy mistake to make.

    I agree about the naming farce, how could they think throwing their heritage away like that was a good idea?


    @George Laguna Seca did the same thing. I refuse to call it ‘Mazda Raceway’.


    @keithcollantine The difference is that Laguna Seca is named ”Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca”. It is basically more like the ”2013 Rolex Australian Grand Prix” ;-)


    @sigman1998 Is it? It’s just that their Twitter handle is @Mazdaraceway and their web address is…


    @keithcollantine I didn’t know. The logo is mentions Laguna Seca, the wikipedia says what I said earlier and the title of the website is also like that. But I don’t really know

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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