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    The 2013 IndyCar schedule has been revealed:

    1. 24th March – St Petersburg (Street)
    2. 7th April – Barber Motorsport Park (Road)
    3. 21st April – Long Beach (Street)
    4. 5th May – Sao Paulo (Street)
    5. 26th May – Indianapolis 500 (Oval)
    6. 1st June – Detroit (Street)
    7. 2nd June – Detroit (Street)
    8. 8th June – Texas (Oval, night race)
    9. 15th June – Milwaukee (Oval)
    10. 22nd June – Iowa (Oval)
    11. 7th July – Pocono (Oval)
    12. 13th July – Toronto (Street)
    13. 14th July – Toronto (Street)
    14. 4th August – Mid-Ohio (Road)
    15. 25th August – Sonoma (Road)
    16. 1st September – Baltimore (Street)
    17. 5th October – Houston (Street)
    18. 6th October – Houston (Street)
    19. 19th October – Auto Club Speedway (Oval)

    Compared to last year’s 15-race (after the deletion of China) schedule which ended in September, a 19-race calendar which stretches into October is definitely an improvement.

    It’s good to see another oval race with Pocono returning to the schedule for the first time since 1989. This will be a 400-mile race, while Indianapolis and Fontana (Auto Club) remain 500-miles.

    I have mixed feelings about the schedule being bulked up with three double-headers, all of them on street circuits. I can see the appeal in terms of extending the calendar and giving the race organisers more bang for their buck. But I I don’t like how it ends up tilting the balance further away from oval races.

    Details of how qualifying will work at the double-headers will be revealed later.

    Edmonton has gone from the calendar, which is a bit of a shame because I’d heard good things about that event, but it wasn’t a very good venue in terms of racing.

    A new race at Reliant Park in Houston will use the same 2.7km (1.6-mile) circuit Champ Car did in 2006 and 2007 (video of the last race below). It’s a compact layout which should make for lots of traffic and an interesting race.

    But it’s a long wait until the action begins again in late March next year and it’s disappointing to learn some IndyCar teams have temporarily laid of staff in the meantime.


    I hoped that Pocono would be a 500-mile race. But then again, Fontana was supposed to be a 400-miler this year and they decided two months before the race to extend it to 500 miles. So there’s still hope that the Triple Crown will be all-500-milers.


    Maybe it’s something to do with not being able to compete with NASCAR at ovals in terms of fans/sponsorship/whatever. Plus what with Wheldon’s death last year, maybe IndyCar will end up being a road racing series (bar the Indy 500, of course). Doesn’t bother me personally as I’m not interested in the ovals.

    Prisoner Monkeys

    @ajokay – I think it’s a question of getting the balance between ovals, street circuits and permanent racing circuits right. I think Indycar should aim for an 18-race calendar, with six of each type of venue.


    Pocono is a 400 miler because the race is on ABC and they need to fit it in the time requirement.

    Should be an interesting schedule. I’m pumped for the return of Pocono and hopefully the car puts on a good show like it did last year.


    Plus we’ll see if anyone can win the Triple Crown and a nice $1,000,000 check


    @Mikemat5150 Makes sense.

    I must say I’m fascinated by the prospect of a race at Pocono. @GManUSA sent me a book about it a while ago and it’s a very curious track. Hope the race does well.


    The mooted Fort Lauderdale race is looking unlikely:

    A request for $20 million in county tourist taxes for a Grand Prix at Fort Lauderdale beach was flatly rejected Tuesday by an otherwise enthusiastic Broward County Commission.


    indycar is going have a race in italy.that would be brilliant!


    They’re thinking about it. it certainly isn’t a ‘going to have’ yet.

    Although if they are to have a race in Europe, I’d rather they have it at Rockingham.


    @ajokay Hear, hear. I’d be there in a heartbeat.


    @keithcollantine Even somewhere like Snetterton with its new layout could host an interesting IndyCar race.


    So a possible update on Indycar at Monza… The 2013 NASCAR Euro Series schedule was announced and they have a race weekend at Monza at the end of September. What better to have as a support series for the Indycars then USA style Stockcars?(well actually they’re based off of the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series cars, but still point stands l0l)

    IDK maybe I’m reading way to much into it but I think at the Indycar Awards next week it’ll be announced that the series will be going to Monza at the end of September.


    The rumours about a race in Italy seem to have gone quiet. It did seem like a lot of expense for them to ship all the way out to Europe and back for one race. They could do with concentrating on re-establishing themselves in their home market first.


    Definitely no Fort Lauderdale then as Andretti’s company were the ones looking into running it:

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