How many here drink Red Bull?

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    Red bull is disgusting, as are pretty much all energy drinks. Not to mention they are horrendously bad for you. Read the ingredients on the can and research them. I used to drink red eye, and occasionally red bull with vodka (can’t stand the taste of red bull by itself), but that was about 12 years ago, and they did a bit of damage to my stomach (went hard on red eye for a few months in year 12 at school). I am too much of a fitness freak nowdays to put rubbish like that into my body. Learnt my lesson when I was younger.


    I hate Red bull. It tastes disgusting. Coffee and Coke are my two favorites.


    I don’t *mind* drinking a Red Bull every now and again, but it’s not something I’d drink on a regular basis (see Ingredients)

    Monster on the other hand… yuck.

    V. Chris

    When i am out and start to feel like i had to much alcohol, i drink Red Bull and that keeps me going for few more hours :) Then i switch to water and in the morning i am brand new. Seriously guys, Red Bull is not every day drink, the company knows that, and they are not marketed as one. They want to be something different than coke and coffee. If you go to night club, or music festival, you will see that Red Bull is very popular. But if you are at home, or in the park you will never buy one. Looking at the previous pages I guess we don’t have many party animals in the forum :p
    I am not one either :)



    I’ll have either a Blueberry or Cola one maybe once a day, but I don’t particularly like the taste of the rest of the range.

    Loup Garou

    I don’t like Red Bull but drink it occasionally as an energy drink. I drink it with my forefinger sticking out.

    Paul A

    Tried it once, hot day, thirsty, cost me $4.50 at a service station where I was filling up, couldn’t finish it. My wife tried and nearly gagged. Never again. Stick to cokes at $1.25…


    I used use it as a mixer for vodka, but I can’t stomach it anymore. Must be my age. I’m partial to a Jagerbomb every so often though. Wouldn’t touch the stuff on by itself though.

    Aish Heydrich

    Hahaha. It’s nice to read all your “trysts” with the energy drink.


    I’ll have it in the odd jaegerbomb but otherwise no. I can’t stand energy drinks, they all taste appalling. If I need a kick I turn to coca-cola or coffee.

    That said I am apparently in the minority in the Middle East region, where the consumption of energy drinks is on the rise, so much so that it has been proposed that they carry warning labels and only be sold to over 16’s because some people aren’t sensible enough to realise that drinking too many is bad for you (see this article, the lack of common sense is frightening In Kuwait, a national squash player died after drinking four on the bounce, again, whoever thought that was a good thing to do clearly needs their head examined (

    Aish Heydrich

    What the eff???!
    My god.

    Red Bull cans have the disclaimer at the back that one should not consume more than two cans per day. The Kuwaiti player should have just had some lemon or orange squash with sug…

    Seriously though, he drank four on the BOUNCE?

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