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    hello everybody.. i race in a regional modified vw beetle championship….never had a race in the wet. (doesnt rain too much)….but this weekend it was raining and they asked all the drivers if we want to have a go. and almost everybody said yes.. soo we raced in the wet. (almost first time for everybody)… and i have to say…it is VERY VERY VERY HARD.. seriously.. f1 drivers make it look soo easy…

    i had a couple of practice sessions in wet but you go extra carefully because the walls are very close…. and it felt slippery but not that much… the thing is that in race conditions the guy that pushees thaaat bit more passes you.. and the guy that pushees thaat bit extra more spins off or goes off the track.. i have a pretty scary moment when braked too late and my car just went straight and i almost crashed with another guy who just made the same mistake… the pressure you feel in wet race conditions is just inmeeense

    was a very very exciting race.. all drivers (including me) where really really ecstatic when the race finished.. the adrenaline was pumping really hard on us… we had such a great time that i didnt care that my mechanic left my carb protection on and my car switched off in the grid. so i had to start from the pitlane and finished a very hard earned 6th :)

    it was a great experience and i felt the need to share it with you guys.. i read everyday on this site. but this is my first forum post….

    bottomline: senna was extremely good. and i rate him even higher now


    Sounds like a lot of fun !

    I’ve been karting a few times when it was wet and found it to be almost impossible, whenever I thought I’d figured out how much grip there was on a section of the track I’d end up sliding there next time through and it’s a constant battle just to stay pointing in the right direction.

    I’m also a biker and the effects of the rain when you’re on two wheels is even more dramatic and you have to really watch out for painted road markings in the corners and breaking zones.

    I’ve always had the utmost of respect for drivers who could still push the limits in the wet and I’d have to agree with you about Senna; the guy was simply awesome in the wet and could find grip where common sense told you there was none.


    Thanks for that post mate, it’s great to get an everyday man’s experience and opinons on racing. It was good to read.

    Dan Thorn

    I’ve had some experience racing on wet mud (which I was always pretty good at) but never been karting in the wet. Sounds brilliant, I’d love to just go out and do hours of laps on my own to perfect a technique.


    pic of that day

    wasnt raining at that point but im searching everywhere for someone who took a pic when it was full wet…

    me in the middle :)

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