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    Kirill Egorov

    Penalty system
    It was difficult if even possible to understand penalty system from race to race. Why was it only a reprimand but not a drive through, why was it drive through and not just a reprimand, why were there no stewards’ decision for this or that incident and vice versa etc etc etc. Same actions were led to different penalties for different drivers or for the same driver. I didn’t like the decision about Grosjean’s race ban but much more I didn’t like the explanation of it by stewards about the incident which “eliminated leading championship contenders from the race.”
    We need, FIA needs some clear rules and a good penalty system.

    “Grey” areas in tech regulations
    There’ve always been and there always will be such “grey” areas in regulations. Some teams get advantage using’em, others just anger. It doesn’t mean FIA and the teams shouldn’t eliminate ambiguity.
    It also bad when one team develops something innovative and FIA ban new solutions trying to equalize all the teams in such a strange way. F1 is a higly-innovative sport, there are always more ‘clever’ teams and less ‘clever’ teams. And some teams have more money and opportunities than others. You don’t like it – there are GP2 or NASCAR.
    But the situations we saw in Abu-Dhabi and Austin with Red Bull and Ferrari. They did what they’d done, their actions were in accordance with current rules. Maybe it’s more about sports ethics. It was pretty unfair for other teams and their drivers. Ok, what done is done, let’s move forward, let’s solve the consequences not to see this happens again.

    Fire at Wiiliams’ garage in Spain
    No comments, it was really really awful

    Kirill Egorov

    The first half of the season was absolutely great, we saw different strategies, different winners (both drivers and teams), battles alongside the whole field. The second half after summer break was more ‘conservative’ regarding the choice of different compounds for the races. It became much more easier to predict the winning strategy, while in the beginning it was fascinating when drivers ran the whole distance with 1 pit-stop (or tried to do that). Pirelli tests new compounds, that sounds cool. Thank you, Pirelli!

    Maldonado’s win + Williams long-awaited win
    It’s great to see sir Frank Williams celebrating his 70th birthday and Pastor’s victory in Spain was the best gift for sir Frank.
    And Pastor – F1 needs such drivers as him. Somebody can think of him as a ‘hooligan’ but he’s a good racer. He’s quick, he doesn’t afraid of fighting at the track. It’s a funny coincidence but last time it’s Montoya who was such kind of driver, especially when he was at Williams.

    Rosberg’s first win
    Nico was ‘young and prospective’ for too long. It’s very good he finally won his 1st race. We can remember Webber or Button (even Hakkinen) and how they’ve changed after their first victories. They’ve become much better drivers, more mature, more self-confident. And we can remember Nick Heidfeld, very good but unlucky driver, had he won one race and everything could different for him and his career.

    Iceman’s comeback
    He can drive a rally car later, we really missed him in F1 and we need him right here, right now in F1. His duels with Schumacher at Spa and Interlagos, with Hulkenberg in Austin with Force India’s drivers at Hockenheim – these are the best moments/overtakings of the season. And , of course, he knows what he’s doing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)