Visual data: F1 Constructors’ Championship Reigns

The Formula One constructors’ championship was first awarded in 1958. This chart shows which team won it and how long they reigned as champions until they were succeeded by another team.

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  1. There is a pattern on that chart isn’t it? Teams come in, have a spell of success and then someone else takes over and they don’t get to win again. The only team that has managed to find success again after 10+ years periods of failure is Ferrari which must be really alarming for teams McLaren and Williams that are fast aproaching a two decade dry spell…

    1. Brogan Fraser
      9th October 2016, 7:49

      Theres not really a pattern on the chart at all…

      Brawn is the same team as Mercedes
      Benetton is the same team as Renault

      If you knock out the early year teams, it’s a lot smaller than one might think..

      Red Bull also started as Stewart Racing..

      It’s just names changing really!

      1. While you’re right, that doesn’t contradict Elias’ observation: Benetton recovered the title as Renault after nine years. Brawn recovered it as Mercedes after seven years. Red Bull never had it as Stewart. Ferrari is still the only one which has recovered the title after more than ten years.

        It can be argued, though, that McLaren has had remarkable success after 1999, even though not enough to become world champions.

        1. @alonshow well if we’re including name changes, Brawn and Mercedes were originally Tyrrell, so that’s a gap of 28 years

  2. Have I read this wrong or is the Williams/Benetton championships wrong….?

    Schumacher won in the Benetton in 1994 and ’95, but this says that a Williams held the constructors until Nov ’95. I know morally Hill should have won the title after Schumi took Hill out in Adelaide to win the title by 1 point, but the FIA still gave it to Schumacher!!

    1. This is correct: Williams did win the constructors’ championship in 1994. Schumacher won the drivers’ title but Benetton were second in the constructors’ points.

  3. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    12th October 2015, 16:34

    @keithcollantine Absolutely fantastic chart!

    In looking at it, it seems that it’s possible that Mercedes will win 4-5 WCCs in a row. That might give Lewis the chance to win 5-6 WDCs. Nico could have the chance to win 30-35 poles and 20-25 victories which even without a WDC would put him in very rarefied air – he might end up like Dani Pedrosa who’s a hell of a rider as we’ve seen in the two MotoGP races. He may not have a championship but there’s no denying his abilities with 50 wins and at least 1 win over 10 years even going against riders on fire like Marquez was the past 2 years.

  4. Michael (@freelittlebirds)
    12th October 2015, 16:42

    In thinking about this further, I really wish F1 and MotoGP had a special Distinction of Excellence award that they bestow on riders and drivers at the end of their career. I think a committee of WDC champions should be able to award that to certain drivers who weren’t able to achieve a WDC. Jules Bianchi, Dani Pedrosa, Massa, Webber, Barrichello are folks who could have been nominees. It’d be a way for the champions to recognize other drivers’ talents and give them a special award.

    1. @freelittlebirds that’s a really nice idea actually, I’d never thought of that. Though there could be issues agreeing who is worthy of it

  5. Why championships are reported as with two-years titles? Unlike football, F1 seasons are all single-year. It’s a bit confusing. For example, Benetton 1995-1996. For a moment I thought, with much surprise, that Benetton won the constructors title in 1996 too, which of course is not true. What am I missing?

  6. Gyarmati Attila
    12th October 2015, 18:36

    Am I wrong or Ferrari didnt win any Construction Title at 2008 and 2009 ? last was 2007 with Kimi and Massa.

  7. Surely, Renault didn’t win 2007.

  8. Seems like a Champion becomes Champion when the clinch and that lasts until another constructor clinches which would last over two calendar years. Sort of like the Heavyweight Championship belt. Very confusing though.

    Did Lotus have more Championships than Ferrari after that last 78-79 Championship?

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