Visual data: F1 Drivers’ Championship Reigns

The Formula One drivers’ championship has been awarded since the world championship began in 1950. This chart shows which driver won it and how long they reigned as champion until they were succeeded by a rival.

See also how long each champion participated in F1 for.

5 comments on “Visual data: F1 Drivers’ Championship Reigns”

  1. Interesting to note that Germany has had only 3 champions, and all 3 of them were on the grid at one point in time.

  2. Not too common to see people get more than one bite of the cherry.

  3. Lewis has now got 3 different stints as champion. This is the joint highest in the history of the sport with Piquet, prost, lauda and stewart. If he were to lose the title and win again, he would be the only one to have won in 4 different stints.

  4. Interesting that all of Stewart’s 3 stints are almost exactly the same lenght. 2 times 1 year and 27 days, and once 1 year and 26 days.

    1. @fer-no65 actually they all would have been exactly the same length, if you measure purely in the number of days. The 1971-72 reign appears to be 1 day shorter because 1972 is a leap year.

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