2011 F1 statistics: Races

Laps per position
Started and finished
Laps led
Position change on lap one

Laps per position

Sebastian Vettel7391658826446324100000000000001
Mark Webber5913929123410990611816101774810361010000
Lewis Hamilton150241671501261077315422054423210100000
Jenson Button88236194162134118541812331014185011114000
Fernando Alonso6825432819012747462210401100000000000
Felipe Massa921741672452397054573528201915030030000
Michael Schumacher3171820631151121539344384915143716451610111413011
Nico Rosberg171315631041722818249274749362430576711000
Nick Heidfeld012931261427385692284143662981815631010
Vitaly Petrov04322556484613811092831367124264737181860000
Rubens Barrichello0004229152869941551291031428759392529131178
Pastor Maldonado0000914322596093607711011674629020279222
Adrian Sutil00037773105165121721165166106402727181344050
Paul di Resta00612443721061671191191021037567521522622101
Kamui Kobayashi03162149322569109164896394814746211911642311
Sergio Perez0002325767646311176926592565526311753141
Sebastien Buemi0000381233691151201421289090632625943400
Jaime Alguersuari005011411024375102881051418565655312147314
Heikki Kovalainen00000000136225678932271521001235817650
Jarno Trulli00000001105512565689124190182115433150
Narain Karthikeyan0000000010010352315302842431244677
Vitantonio Liuzzi000000000000242528421221132077920043
Timo Glock00000000000001552509716111110715072150
Jerome D’Ambrosio0000000000010094012184157194171133764
Pedro de la Rosa000000001430715373151011000
Daniel Ricciardo000000000000011227225271112621037720
Karun Chandhok00000000000000000001922087
Bruno Senna0000000148211026413348734839201481310

Started and finished

Sebastian Vettel191818
Mark Webber191818
Lewis Hamilton191616
Jenson Button191717
Fernando Alonso191817
Felipe Massa191615
Michael Schumacher191410
Nico Rosberg191710
Nick Heidfeld1184
Vitaly Petrov19167
Rubens Barrichello19164
Pastor Maldonado19132
Adrian Sutil19177
Paul di Resta19187
Kamui Kobayashi19158
Sergio Perez17133
Sebastien Buemi19144
Jaime Alguersuari19164
Heikki Kovalainen19141
Jarno Trulli18141
Narain Karthikeyan870
Vitantonio Liuzzi17120
Timo Glock19130
Jerome D’Ambrosio19160
Pedro de la Rosa111
Daniel Ricciardo1180
Karun Chandhok110
Bruno Senna882

Classified: Completed at least 90% of race distance
Completed: Completed entire race distance

Laps led

Full season laps ledDriver’s season laps led
Sebastian Vettel739/1133 (65.23%)739/1079 (68.49%)
Mark Webber59/1133 (5.21%)59/1084 (5.44%)
Lewis Hamilton150/1133 (13.24%)150/1013 (14.81%)
Jenson Button88/1133 (7.77%)88/1095 (8.04%)
Fernando Alonso68/1133 (6%)68/1098 (6.19%)
Felipe Massa9/1133 (0.79%)9/1050 (0.86%)
Michael Schumacher3/1133 (0.26%)3/927 (0.32%)
Nico Rosberg17/1133 (1.5%)17/1036 (1.64%)
Nick Heidfeld0/1133 (0%)0/564 (0%)
Vitaly Petrov0/1133 (0%)0/1017 (0%)
Rubens Barrichello0/1133 (0%)0/1030 (0%)
Pastor Maldonado0/1133 (0%)0/893 (0%)
Adrian Sutil0/1133 (0%)0/1057 (0%)
Paul di Resta0/1133 (0%)0/1105 (0%)
Kamui Kobayashi0/1133 (0%)0/1003 (0%)
Sergio Perez0/1133 (0%)0/902 (0%)
Sebastien Buemi0/1133 (0%)0/944 (0%)
Jaime Alguersuari0/1133 (0%)0/1013 (0%)
Heikki Kovalainen0/1133 (0%)0/947 (0%)
Jarno Trulli0/1133 (0%)0/915 (0%)
Narain Karthikeyan0/1133 (0%)0/438 (0%)
Vitantonio Liuzzi0/1133 (0%)0/847 (0%)
Timo Glock0/1133 (0%)0/830 (0%)
Jerome D’Ambrosio0/1133 (0%)0/990 (0%)
Pedro de la Rosa0/1133 (0%)0/70 (0%)
Daniel Ricciardo0/1133 (0%)0/559 (0%)
Karun Chandhok0/1133 (0%)0/56 (0%)
Bruno Senna0/1133 (0%)0/444 (0%)

Full season laps led: How many laps a driver led compared to the total laps raced this year
Driver’s season laps led: How many laps a driver led compared to the total laps they have completed this year

Position change on lap one

Michael Schumacher+1.42+27
Heikki Kovalainen+1.16+22
Timo Glock+1.17+21
Sebastien Buemi+1.05+20
Vitantonio Liuzzi+1.13+18
Jerome D’Ambrosio+0.74+14
Fernando Alonso+0.63+12
Kamui Kobayashi+0.67+12
Daniel Ricciardo+0.91+10
Narain Karthikeyan+1.13+9
Paul di Resta+0.47+9
Nico Rosberg+0.44+8
Felipe Massa+0.42+8
Jarno Trulli+0.44+8
Nick Heidfeld+0.45+5
Vitaly Petrov+0.17+3
Pedro de la Rosa00
Pastor Maldonado-0.11-2
Karun Chandhok-2-2
Adrian Sutil-0.16-3
Lewis Hamilton-0.47-9
Jenson Button-0.58-11
Jaime Alguersuari-0.78-14
Sergio Perez-0.82-14
Rubens Barrichello-1-19
Mark Webber-1.16-22
Sebastian Vettel-1.37-26
Bruno Senna-3.38-27

14 comments on “2011 F1 statistics: Races”

  1. This is an interesting one.

  2. I love the laps per position.

  3. nice work !!

    is it possible to see the times per lap of each driver?

    1. These are in the post-race reviews published after each race:

      2011 Malaysian Grand Prix analysis

      1. thanks Keith, by the way, this is a great blog !!

        I used to check another blog that compared all the times per lap against the average lap of the winner (i can send the picture to you). this way the differences were a bit clearer. and you could compare them easier, who is in front, who is stopping the cars behind… just a suggestion.


  4. Hi Keith,

    I have seen very interesting lap by lap analysis. I think it will be good if you can do some special incident based analysis too.


  5. Love the laps in each position table :) loving your work Keith!

  6. is there anyway of getting a table of overtakes in each race? now that’d be interesting!

  7. SC led 10 laps in monaco and 30 in canada (according to the fia lap chart. i dont think it was that high)
    so the SC had led more laps than anyone except Vettel

  8. I’ve been collecting some data about finishing positions and retirements and working on the numbers, basically converting the points obtained by each driver into a single point-scoring system (well, actually, it’s three systems: the pre-2003, pre-2010 and the current one), and also calculating the retirement rate of each driver (throughout their careers, and not only this season). I have done this work with all drivers who raced in 2011 up till the Italian GP. This is how the retirement rate rank looks like:

    Pedro de la Rosa – 52,33%
    Bruno Senna – 45,00%
    Daniel Ricciardo – 40,00%
    Adrian Sutil – 33,33%
    Jarno Trulli – 32,52%
    Vitantonio Liuzzi – 32,00%
    Kamui Kobayashi – 29,41%
    Mark Webber – 29,41%
    Rubens Barrichello – 28,80%
    Sergio Pérez – 27,27%
    Jaime Alguersuari – 25,00%
    Nick Heidfeld – 24,59%
    Sébastien Buemi – 24,49%
    Narain Karthikeyan – 23,08%
    Pastor Maldonado – 23,08%
    Heikki Kovalainen – 22,89%
    Jenson Button – 22,77%
    Vitaly Petrov – 21,88%
    Timo Glock – 21,21%
    Sebastian Vettel – 20,00%
    Michael Schumacher – 19,29%
    Nico Rosberg – 18,63%
    Karun Chandhok – 18,18%
    Fernando Alonso – 17,54%
    Felipe Massa – 16,44%
    Jérôme D’Ambrosio – 15,38%
    Lewis Hamilton – 10,71%
    Paul di Resta – 7,69%

    Of course, we can expect these numbers to change quite abruptly for the rookies, but the data is quite meaningful for drivers with longer careers. Yes, reliabilty has improved, but you can still compare two drivers with similarly long careers, such as Adrian Sutil and Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber and Felipe Massa and even Sergio Pérez and Paul di Resta.

  9. Has Vitaly Petrov really not changed position at the start of any race this season??

  10. So no-one other than Vettel still hasn’t lead 100 laps this year. The SC may still be in 2nd place then!
    Amazing that Vettel hasn’t been outside the points for 1 lap all year

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