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There is no excuse for not having this one in your collection. A scintillating season with three drivers still in the championship hunt at the final round – and we all know what happened to Nigel Mansell at that infamous race.

The video is packed with spectacular action from classic mid-eighties turbo cars, including the Mansell/Nelson Piquet battles in the Williams FW11, Keke Rosberg’s swansong in the McLaren MP4/2C, and the last ever John Player Special-liveried Lotus.

1986 is not so well remembered for being the year in which Elio de Angelis died in a testing accident at Paul Ricard. Narrator Clive James gives suitable pause from his otherwise light-hearted commentary to pay tribute.

Otherwise this is an essential video and there’s very little to say against it – except perhaps the somewhat odd inclusion of a few semi-naked beach ‘beauties’ at the French race. That aside, this should be top of your list if you’ve not already bought a copy.

Best bit: Of course there’s the dramatic finale in Australia, but there’s also the photo-finish between Mansell and Ayrton Senna at Jerez to savour.

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  1. Willem Cecchi (@)
    29th October 2016, 23:44

    This is the best season review I have seen to date. The narrator’s dry and sarcastic tone is absolutely hilarious at times.

  2. “The World Championship blew up in his left ear” – brilliant narration for Mansell’s tyre failure

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