“Showdown” (1990 season video)

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Another typical early ’90s Frontrunner tape as all the incidents from another cracking season are crammed together into an action packed hour. Although too short, this is more watchable than the 1989 video thanks to a good commentary and more thoughtful editing that shows slightly more of each race than the crashes.

That said this is far from the perfect document and some key incidents from the season (such as Martin Donnely’s horrifying crash in Spain) are brushed over and the smaller teams are completely ignored, but for the fair-weather fan this is of little importance

Whilst never likely to cater to the anorak, as entertainment this tape hits the mark whilst still providing adequate details of the Senna/Prost war than once again dominated. Another charity shop/eBay special, if you want to build an F1 video collection on a budget this is a pretty good place to start.

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