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Read our top post from the world of F1 bloggers this week.

Plus, a Ferrari fan turns on Raikkonen, a Bahraini cheers the McLaren buy-in and Toyota’s launch is met with a little scepticism.

Read on for more.

F1Fanatic’s Post of the Week

US Open Wheel Racing: Time to bash some heads together

Each week we pick out the best new read on the web and this is the very first of them: Motorsports Ramblings on the parlous state of open wheel racing in America.

Once a home to both budding and ex-Formula One drivers, Indy Car racing suffered a split over a decade ago which has today left two series, both immensely poorer in terms of driver talent and outright wealth compared to the NASCAR behemoth. Will they get their acts together and re-unify? Read our post of the week now.

More F1 in the blogs

Mike Gascoyne: Back and Fighting – Daily F1 Blog on the return of top designer Mike Gascoyne, still fuming at Toyota and now with the Spyker team.

Steering wheel – A detailed look at the complex and hugely expensive F1 steering wheels.

We own McLaren! – Mahmood on the Bahraini buy-in at McLaren, and why he won’t be shifting his allegiances from Ferrari. On the same subject Linksheaven offer praise to Ron Dennis for his business acumen. But how much time left in the sport does he have?

Delhi could be a stop in the 2009 F1 calendar – More on the ‘F1 to India rumours’ reporting in yesterday’s ‘F1 in the news’.

Just not right – Ferrari fan Lizzie is not impressed with “stupid little boy” Kimi Raikkonen.

Toyota Launch aka Ralftoberfest – Finally, Suitcase of Courage takes the news of Toyota launching the TF107 with a pinch of salt, and then some.

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