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Fernando Alonso, Renault, Sepang, 2005In this week’s F1 news – Ralf Schumacher on the sport’s future in Germany, Renault arrives in Romania, and will Formula 1 stay in Malaysia?

Plus Formula 1 drivers’ road cars and Ron Dennis’s shock move to Ferrari.

Slide show: F1 drivers’ cars – Picture gallery of what F1 racers drive away from the track…

New formulaThe Times talks to Juan Pablo Montoya on life in NASCAR.

Sebastian Vettel, BMW, pre-season, 2007Ralf: Germany will still love F1 without Michael – With four other German drivers to cheer on (plus Sebastien Vettel waiting in the wings) after Michael Schumacher has left, what will happen to Germany’s F1 audience?

Swiss to scrap F1 television coverage – Formula One will no longer even be broadcast in the country where all motor racing is banned.

Renault to showcase F1 racer in Bucharest – The reigning twice-double-champions will also visit Poland, South Africa, Mexico and Dubai.

Uphill battle – F1’s Ecclestone bemoans soft interest in series – F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone says nationwide television coverage of every round is key to winning fans in America.

Malaysian Grand Prix, poster, 2002Malaysian Grand Prix set to remain – A contract extension for Sepang is on the cards, despite the circuit’s persistent struggle to attract a decent audience for its F1 race.

Lamborghini driving school: Take the fast-track to adrenalin academy – And finally… The Independent provides us with some blooper reel material: “Ferrari has preened itself into an overly serious, self-absorbed brand personified by Michael Schumacher and Ron Dennis.” Ah yes, that famous Ferrari team manager Ron Dennis…

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