Debate: Should Ferrari use team orders?

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The use of team orders at Ferrari has been a source of conflict among F1 fans – some defend it, others deny it, many decry it.

But with the departure of Michael Schumacher the question of which of its two drivers Ferrari is going to back is less clear cut.

Should Ferrari revert to backing just one of their drivers for the championship? If so, which one should it be, and how long into the season should Ferrari wait before giving them that backing?

Would you rather see Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen duke it out between themselves? Or do modern teams compromise their chances unnecessarily by letting their drivers race each other?

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5 comments on “Debate: Should Ferrari use team orders?”

  1. It’s a meaningless question – Ferrari won’t have to decide who they back. If Kimi wants to be in front of Felipe, he will be.

  2. sooner or later they will choose one of them. right now they still do not know whom, as there was only one race and Massa’s was compromised by starting from back of grid. but Ferrari for sure will not want to hand the driver’s title to McLaren or others by having one driver stealing way too many points from the other. the only way they would let Kimi and Massa race each other the whole season would be if they are pretty much assured of 1-2 finishes

  3. It’s a meaningless question – Ferrari won’t have to decide who they back. If Massa wants to be in front of Kimi, he will be.

  4. If Clive and Number 38 are both right, we might see a pile of Ferraris from time to time this season… And that’s the last thing Ferrari would want. They’ll probably decide after Monaco. Traditionally, whoever’s ahead between the teammates after 5 rounds usually stays ahead ’til the end.

  5. Ah, nothing like a pile of steaming Ferraris to set up an interesting race. :)

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