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The injury-hit Audi squad has drafted in two old hands to replace the drivers injured in the frightening first-lap crash at Hockenheim.

1991 DTM champion Frank Biela will deputise for the injured Tom Kristensen is his 2007-spec car. Kristensen was originally expecting to race and indeed his pre-race PR quotes had been issued by the team.

Alexandre Premat’s 2006 car will be driven for the time being by Marco Werner, who hasn’t raced in the category for 14 years.

It’s curious that they gave both slots to experienced drivers and didn’t give at least one of the opportunities to up-and-coming drivers. Or at least give the likes of Adam Carroll (pictured) something more competitive to race than a 2005 machine.

Round two of the championship is at Oschersleben this weekend.

DTM: Marco Werner deputises for Alexandre Premat (external)
Autosport.com – Biela to replace Kristensen (external)

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