F1 in the news 34: Beemer’s got a brand new wing

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Nick Heidfeld, BMW, Bahrain, 2007BMW are the third team to bring a new front wing to the Spanish Grand Prix and the revised configuration will be used today.

Also Singapore and Silverstone look under threat for the future, and Super Aguri unleash poultry power.

Singapore to miss 2008? – As the Valencia street track squeezes onto the F1 calendar the hopes of the Singapore promoters may be dashed. Good news for the Sepang International Circuit, then…

Ecclestone does not want to deal with BRDC
– Rather unsportingly, Bernie Ecclestone has declared his disinterest in co-operating with the British Racing Drivers’ Club. A worrying sign for the future of the British Grand Prix.

The unforgettable Gilles – Plenty of writers noted the 25th anniversary of the death of Gilles Villeneuve. This was one of the best articles.

Free food and movies for early risers in Spain – The first 30,000 spectators to arrive for the Spanish Grand Prix at Barcelona Friday practice (today) will receive free breakfasts and a T-shirt. Also the screens at the circuit will show the 2006 F1 season review and the film Cars. Luckily not Talladega Nights, then…

Spaniards want to drink beer with Alonso
– Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix a poll reveals the celebrity most Spaniards want to drink a beer with is Fernando Alonso. Unfortunately as revealed earlier in the season the McLaren drivers this year are on a drinks ban.

BMW to test new-look front wing on Friday – BMW today will test a new front wing in practice for the Spanish Grand Prix. Could it possibly be an even less attractive arrangement in an attempt to outdo Honda, or a copy of McLaren’s clothes line effort?

Ambitious Aguri target first points – And finally… “We have introduced a new carbon gearbox and a comprehensive aero package that includes a revised floor, a new chicken, chimney, T-wing and a whole new rear wing package.” Excuse me? A new chicken? Alright then…

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