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Paul di Resta’s lead in the DTM championship has been halved after reduced points were awarded for the Lausitzring race.

The German motor sport governing body felt that several drivers were disadvantaged by the mis-handling of the safety car period during the race.

The revised championship standings are as followed (previous score in brackets where relevant):

1. Paul di Resta 16 (20)
2. Mattias Ekstrom 12
3. Martin Tomczyk 12
4. Gary Paffett 11.5 (12)
5. Bernd Schneider 7.5 (10)
6. Timo Scheider 7 (9)
=7. Mike Rockenfeller 6
=7. Daniel la Rosa 6
9. Alexandros Margaritis 6
10. Mika Hakkinen 5 (10)

Lausitzring winner Mika Hakkinen has been hit the hardest, falling from fifth to tenth. All weight penalties incurred at the Lausitzring race have also been halved.

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