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Felipe Massa criticised the Silverstone circuit after F1 testing there last week. Here’s what he had to say:

It is very bumpy everywhere. I think it is a much worse situation than the last year, so they really need to resurface it straightaway otherwise we will have trouble.

Massa’s remarks disappoint me for a number of reasons.

First of all, I walked around Silverstone last week and I’ve seen bumpier pool tables.

Admittedly there are a few ripples here and there – largely caused by the gigantic grip and downforce of F1 cars wearing out the racing line.

But you know what? F1 is supposed to be challenging. Yes, there’s a line to be drawn between making tracks safe and making tracks difficult. Large bumps can be dangerous – but I don’t believe Silverstone’s are.

I certainly don’t believe they any worse than those at Massa’s home circuit Interlagos. Its facilities are also much better. Sao Paulo is never threatened with being chucked off the calendar – but Silverstone gets a slagging off every year.

Massa cannot be serious when he says he wants the track resurfacing straight away. Re-laying a 5.1km track is not the work of the moment and not something that can be turned around in time for the race – which is just two weeks away.

Last minute re-surfacing of circuits always causes problems – it happened at Detroit in 1982, Dallas in 1984 and Spa-Francorchamps in 1985 – the latter causing the entire event to be postponed. That’s why Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t let it happen any more.

Fernando Alonso has had a kicking in the press lately for perceived whingeing. Massa’s recent remarks strike me as being worse – not just this, but his constant complaining about being disqualified at Canada earlier this month.

Massa reckoned it was someone else’s job to point out to him that the pit lane light he illegally passed was on red. If I ever get pulled over by the police for that sort of thing I won’t be trying Massa’s defence…

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8 comments on “Massa criticises Silverstone”

  1. [rolls eyes]

    It’s a good think F1’s at Magny-Couers next week – I’m starting to think that’s the only track Felipe thinks is satisfactorily smooth, what withs his complaints about Canada’s tarmac as well as these ones about Silverstone’s. The BRDC would do well to ignore this particular request – there are better things for it to spend its money on at the moment…

  2. He doesn’t have to race there if he doesn’t want to, the big kid!!

  3. Robert McKay
    25th June 2007, 20:18

    Are we sure it was Massa who said this, and not Bernie with a newly learned voice-throwing skill?

  4. Refering to the last sentence in the article ….. the remarks about Massa running the red lights at Canada …… I can’t forgive him ….. red is red but at the same time you have to question Charlie Whiting who likely controled the lights…..why did he allow cars INTO the pits if they couldn’t get OUT? That seems fundamentally “unfair” and clearly has the effect of “interfering with the outcome of a race”……the much maliagned rule which apparently only applies to the competators
    although the FIA is free to interfere all they wish, i.e. penalties during the races, mis-use of blue flags, etc.

    Sorry chaps ….. I’ve got time to kill this morning and the keyboard beckons.

  5. The red light was on to prevent cars exiting into the path of the traffic behind the safety car. The system is similar to how it works in Champ Car and Indy racing – but slightly different in this one crucial respect.

    Still, Massa blamed his team, which I thought was a bit off.

  6. Scott Joslin
    26th June 2007, 17:36

    Massa thinks Silverstone is bumpy then does he? He only needs to think to his own home track at Sao Paulo!!! If Silverstone needs re surfacing then Sao Paulo needs demolishing!

  7. I love Massa, But gee that is a dopey comment!

    Hope he pulls his finger out and gets the job done this year

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