F1 in the news 41: Renault revival?

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In the F1 news this week Renault believe they’ve gotten on top of their problematic start to the season.

Plus another possible new venue for the Australian Grand Prix and more retro F1 fun.

F1 champions Renault say they have turned the tide – Can the French team fight back on home ground?

$200m bid to make Geelong home of F1 racing – With the Melbourne race potentially under threat as Bernie Ecclestone demands it become a night race, other potential venues for the Australian Grand Prix are stepping forward.

Prost feels for Alonso – If Lewis Hamilton vs Fernando Alonso is the new Ayrton Senna vs Alain Prost, then it’s clear where Prost’s sympathies lie.

Windsor’s Wisdom – Paddock guru Peter Windsor on how Lewis Hamilton may come to terms with his rapid ascendancy to fame and fortune.

Old-school F1 cars roar into Brands Hatch – Did Goodwood whet your appetite for retro F1? The FIA Historic Formula One Championship (formerly Thoroughbred Grand Prix) is at Brands Hatch this weekend.

The McLaren empire strikes back part two – More of Steve Matchett’s insights into McLaren’s dominance.

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3 comments on “F1 in the news 41: Renault revival?”

  1. Unfortunately for Renault, Friday practice seems to have proven their hopes ill-founded – the Renaults are still back in midfield. They might have been right about catching BMW however – the Beemers were just as bad. It’s all the others that have improved more than Renault and BMW, I think.

  2. In this day and age it’s odd how car performance can vary so much. McLaren are up, Ferrari …. maybe just even with last year, Renault are down a little, BMW are up some, Honda …. well we all know where they are. Next year I could write this same comment, the text would remain the same all I’d do is shuffle the team nanes.

  3. Apparently it can vary a lot even in the same weekend. From the middle of the midfield in practise, Renault are now on the third row of the grid…

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