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Going to the British Grand Prix this weekend?

If you’ve not been to the Silverstone race before these are the essential items you need in your bag to survive three days at the Northamptonshire track: From cash to Kangaroos.

Also don’t forget to read more tips from other people who’ve been to Silverstone.

Sun protection – Take sun cream and a cap. There’ll be no shortage of driver caps to buy at the track – but if you don’t get in quickly you might have to settle for Jenson Button instead of Lewis Hamilton.

Rain protection – I have come home from certain Silverstone weekends both drenched and sunburnt, so prepare for both conditions and everything in between. The people sat behind you will be grateful if you put on a rain mac instead of opening a golf umbrella and sticking it in their faces. Besides which, rain coats are far better for keeping you dry.

Radio – Radio Silverstone usually broadcasts on 87.7 FM so you can get commentary on all the races. Alternatively tune in to 693 or 909 AM for BBC Radio 5 Live’s excellent Grand Prix coverage.

Cash – Unless you want to fritter away an hour in the queues for a cash machine, take some paper money with you. Essential for impulse merchandise purchases and the moment you finally succumb to the burger van.

Kangaroo – Kangaroo TV lets you keep in touch with the whole race wherever you are around the track. You can watch live video from the track and cars, tune in to race commentary and in-car radio and view the timing screens. At 50 for three days it’s not cheap – but it can transform your spectating experience.

Camera or camcorder – Stick two fingers up to Formula One Management and record as much of your day – and the track action – as you can. You never know, you just might capture a clip that gets 100,000 views on YouTube before being taken down by Bernie’s cronies. If you do film anything good or have some pictures to share, do let us know.

Food & water – Three days living on chips and burgers is not good for the heart or the bank balance.

Reading material – When was the last time you tuned in to an F1 race to find it had been delayed by an over-running support race? Never? That’s because they build in loads of spare time between races to make sure F1 starts on time for the TV cameras. With the support races not coming quite as thick and fast as they do at a club event, take a newspaper with you.

Earplugs – If you’ve not heard an F1 engine before rest assured the noise will flatten you. Earplugs take the edge off the shriek and protect your hearing. Most importantly of all, they will keep you from thumping the 12 year old two rows back who blasts his air horn every time he thinks he sees Lewis Hamilton.

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6 comments on “British GP preview extra: What to take”

  1. “thumping the 12 year old two rows back who blasts his air horn every time he thinks he sees Lewis Hamilton.”

    classic advice!

    to get the best of both worlds, get some in-ear headphones (the ones with the foam buds on the end), that way you get to cut out the noise and listen to the radio at the same time.

  2. Hello,
    I have a photo on the red bull f1 car. think they are stickering them right now. any way in which i can see paddock photos of the red bull car?

  3. Hey Matt – we’ll get lots of pics of the Red Bull car up as soon as we can.

  4. Couldn’t agree more about the Kangaroo TV – we had one last year and it makes a big difference, particularly if you don’t have a good view of one of the big screens.

    Oh, and if you’re not in a grandstand seat, take a folding chair – the services at J15a on the M1 always sell them.

  5. addition to Miranda’s;

    take something with you to dig in the chair if you’re on a hill (i.e. at Spa)

  6. Are you allowed mini moto bikes in to silverstone ??

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