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Caps, Silverstone, 2007Want to know who the fans were supporting at Silverstone? Simply count their caps.

You might think that everyone was there to support Hamilton but ten minutes spent looking at what the fans were wearing on their heads told a different story – I spotted support for all but one of the F1 teams.

Here’s how the support breaks down:

Current teams

McLaren – 74 caps
Ferrari – 43
Honda – 33 (inc. BAR)
Williams – 18
Renault – 16
Red Bull – 9
Spyker – 8*
BMW – 6 (inc. Sauber)
Toyota – 4
Super Aguri – 1
Scuderia Toro Rosso – 0

Non-current teams

Jordan 4*
Guinness 4
New York Yankees (baseball team) 3
England football team 2
Jaguar 1
England cricket team 1
Silverstone 1
Bridgestone 1
Iveco 1
Liverpool football club 1

*I didn’t include Jordan in Spyker’s count because that was their identity two teams ago and the two have entirely different branding styles.

A few other observations: Most of the Renault fans had 2007-style caps, so they weren’t just glory hunting for Alonso. About half of the Ferrari caps were for Schumacher.

Anecdotally, I think the number of Williams caps has plummeted in recent years.

I will hopefully be off to the Italian Grand Prix this year where I expect Ferrari caps to out-number McLaren and the rest by a huge ratio…

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8 comments on “Silverstone Cap Count”

  1. What, no Minardi caps? How the mighty have fallen…

  2. I’m not sure many Minardi-cap-wearing supporters were seen at Silverstone even in its heyday. Most British Minardi fans wore their support in their hearts not on their head. The heart being of course where it matters most…

    The equal numbers of Jordan and Guinness-cap-wearing supporters made me giggle, though – trust them to be together in the list! ;-)

  3. Robert McKay
    10th July 2007, 14:01

    The lack of Williams caps is fascinating. It just goes to show the vicious circle of failure of F1…fail to win, and noone supports you, so you get less money in sponsorship and revenue, so you can’t build a better car, so you fail to win….

  4. As an aside Renault gave away tickets and gave everyone with them 2007 caps (amongst other things) on arrival. Luffield C Grandstand was the one the tickets were given away for. Of course the ones who wore the cap may well have been supporting Heikki.

    I also noticed there weren’t too many places to buy Super Aguri caps. I wanted one of those but didn’t find one.

  5. Who in their right mind would buy a Toyota cap?

  6. A Schumacher fan,perhaps.

  7. Robert McKay
    11th July 2007, 14:13

    Ralf Schumacher fans actually exist? Wow.

  8. Toyota F1 Team’s British GP Preview…

    Ralf Schumacher finished tenth while bad luck was stuck on Jarno Trulli’s back as he accidentally crashed during the first lap of the Magny-Cours race.
    Trulli and Schumacher and the rest of the team has encountered a rush across one of the fast…..

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