A1GP Zandvoort sprint: Zaugg repeats ’06 win

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Adrian Zaugg, Team South Africa, A1 Grand Prix, Zandvoort, 2007 | A1GP MediaAdrian Zaugg repeated his victory in last year’s Zandvoort sprint race in this year’s season opener with a dominant win for the South Africa team.

Zaugg risked a collision with Mexico’s Salvador Duran at the rolling start – the pair touching and Duran coming perilously close to the pit wall.

But Zaugg kept the lead ahead of France’s Loic Duval and then Duran.

Jeroen Bleekemolen seized on a mistake by Neel Jani to prise sixth place from the Swiss driver on the opening lap. He then chased down Duran and thrilled the crowd by passing him into Tarzan.

Starting from tenth, Britain’s Oliver Jarvis prevailed in an early battle with New Zealand’s Jonny Reid. Jarvis later took seventh off Ralph Firman in the Irish entry.

But Zaugg was untouchable, stretching his advantage to over seven seconds by the end of the race.

Duval kept Bleekemolen at bay and Duran finished fourth. Jani held onto fifth while Christian Vietories brought the car of champions Germany home sixth. Jarvis finished seventh ahead of Firman, Reid and Narain Karthikeyan of India.

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