Rosberg scores best finish with fine drive

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Nico Rosberg ended a strong season on a high by taking a career-best fourth place in the final race of the season.

He capitalised on Lewis Hamilton’s problems and beat both BMW drivers to be ‘best of the rest’ in the final round.

The five points confirmed him as ninth in the championship and guaranteed Williams fourth in the constructors’ race.

Rosberg started tenth but by the end of the race was battling the BMW drivers. He passed Nick Heidfeld for fourth on lap 60, only to run wide and see Robert Kubica in the other BMW take it back off him.

After several attempts to pass the Pole, who was struggling on the harder compound tyres, Rosberg finally made he move stick with just two laps to go.

His seventh points finish this year (fifth from the last seven races) confirms Rosberg as one of F1’s up-and-coming drivers. Williams will want to hold onto him, but rumours suggest McLaren would like him as a replacement for Fernando Alonso, and Toyota would like him to take over Ralf Schumacher’s seat for 2008.

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3 comments on “Rosberg scores best finish with fine drive”

  1. It’s funny, I was too engulfed in the title battle to keep track of Rosberg and then suddenly towards the end he’s passing Kubica for 4th. A really good way to finish off a splendid season, let’s just hope he gets a competitive car for next year (preferably a competitive Williams, would be great to see them back up there again).

  2. I really hope that Rosberg sticks with Williams for next season. He is a fantastic driver and deserves a competitive car. As Magnus says, I hope it is a Williams. He has had a fantastic season and shows what a good driver he is. Definitely one for the future, I look forward to his battles with Hamilton over the next few seasons.

  3. AmericanTifosi
    24th October 2007, 22:08

    Nico is one driver I REALLY want to see get a good car. Talk about potential.

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