F1 in the news 61: No Raikkonen vs Schumacher at test

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In the F1 news this week Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen are avoiding each other, seven drivers are fighting over one seat at Force India and Grand Prix Masters is dead and buried.

Read on for 24 news stories from the world of Formula 1.

Glock to test for Toyota at Jerez next week – BMW have released Timo Glock from his contract so he can beginning testing for Toyota early.

No Kimi-Schu duel at Jerez – Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen will both test at Jerez next month, but on different days. So who’s avoiding who?

Former champ tips Schu to race again – Alan Jones takes Schumacher’s test as a sign the German wants to come back to motor racing. Jones made two comebacks of his own in 1983 and 1986 having originally retired in 1981.

Masters series official wound up – Grand Prix Master is no more.

Dennis not rushing to name second driver – Ron Dennis has not yet announced when the second McLaren seat will be filled, but he admitted he considered retiring after McLaren’s disastrous campaign this year.

It’s all in the box (part 2) – Renault not concerned about the new 2008 regulation requiring gearboxes to last for four races.

Interview with Stephen Watt, Head of Electronics – From a series of interviews with the Super Aguri staff.

HWA denies talk of ‘F1 ambition’ – Mercedes engine developers HWA refute suggestions they are to run a new Mercedes F1 team.

Former F1 man to help design California race track – Derek Daly to create new circuit.

Force India to test seven at Jerez – Giancarlo Fisichella, Franck Montagny, Ralf Schumacher, Christian Klien, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Roldan Rodriguez and Giedo van der Garde to test for Indian Grand Prix team.

Purnell speaks out in support of engine freeze – Controversial ’10 year engine freeze’ plan finds some support.

Hamilton among favourites for Sports Personality award – Lewis Hamilton is tipped for BBC prize.

Schumacher leaves Tony in a spin – Eurosport commentator impressed by Michael Schumacher’s win at Felipe Massa’s charity kart race.

Season 2007 – the definitive driver review – My 2007 F1 driver rankings generated plenty of debate and so will this. Fernando Alonso fifth?

Old hand DC criticised rookie signing – David Coulthard not impressed with Kazuki Nakajima.

ING happy with increased brand awareness – Title sponsor of Renault and some F1 rounds happy with value for Money from Formula 1.

Saving the French GP – French Prime Minister gets involves in discussions to hold the French round of the championship from 2009.

ITV to broadcast Autosport Awards – Awards to be broadcast on television – wonder how many nine year-olds will proposition Ron Dennis?

Theissen: door not closed on Vettel/Glock return – BMW boss Mario Theissen not ruling out a return for either of the young Germans to BMW in the future.

Don’t call us Ralf, we’ll call you! – Daily Express journalist Bob McKenzie laughs off Ralf Schumacher’s bid to replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren.

Honorary doctorate for Honda F1 engineer – Call him Dr Jock Clear (Doc Jock?).

Piquet Jnr: New-look F1 easier than GP2Where will Alonso go? Mark Hughes offers an analysis and suggests that Alonso being without a seat for 2008 as yet indicates he’s not one of the all-time great drivers.

A point of interest – Renault signs a new deal with engine builders Mecachrome – could the latter take over the Renault F1 team if it gets a severe punishment in next week’s spying hearing?

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5 comments on “F1 in the news 61: No Raikkonen vs Schumacher at test”

  1. “My 2007 F1 driver rankings generated plenty of debate and so will this. Fernando Alonso fifth?”

    Yeah that’s not the best list I’ve seen. Kubica 6th and Heidfeld 9th? I thought Kubica was good, but not THAT impressive. Heidfeld, on the other hand, was the unsung hero of the 2007, in my opinon.

  2. Heidfeld is an un-sung hero, his career was going backwards until BMW bribed Williams to sign him, Now in a good car he’s begining to shine. Kubica will improve also and BMW will become a REAL player in 2008.

  3. No Schoomi-Kimi heads up testing? No surprise……Ferrari can’t afford to embarass Kimi, he proved to be little better, actually NO better than Massa, Schumacher would lap him! Kimi is popular but as a racer no different than Massa and Alonso.
    At least he and Massa ‘get along’ and saved Ferrari from any McLaren like problems. And Kimi OWES his title to Massa……..without Massa in 2nd place at Brazil Kimi would still be a bride’s maid. It’s a shame we (the majority of F1 rans) drove Schoomi out last year. Could Mercedes-Benz win him over and place him in the second McLaren seat?

  4. Well, Number 38, Schumi and Merc have a good history, and are still very much cordial now, even after their battles of 1998-2003. (They even celebrated together late into the night in 1998, Merc’s first title, and 2000, Schumi’s first title with Ferrari.) However, while Mercedes-Benz dominated Schumi’s pre-F1 life, Schumi’s post-F1 life is way too dominated by Ferrari for that to happen.

    And honestly, would Schumi trust Ron Dennis after all the conspiracies this year, regardless of whether there was equality in his team or not? There is much, much more for him to lose than there is to gain. Remember too that Schumi ended up not going to McLaren, in spite of Mercedes’ huge bid, mostly because of Ron.

  5. Hello Journeyer,

    “…would Schumi trust Ron Dennis …”
    A good point and I don’t TRUST him either.
    He’s an icon in F1, not an idiot like Bernie or MadMax but still never earned my TRUST.

    Concerning Schoomi here and Alonso there and who drives what when……….hey, we’re all just internet ‘fans’, it’s all SPECULATION, the game that never ends. What brings us back day after day but to read someone elses OPINION.

    20 weeks to go………………..

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