Best gifts for F1 fans: Merchandise & more (5/5)

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The final instalment in the guide to F1 presents for Christmas and other celebrations.

Here are the last set of gift ideas including team and driver merchandise, models and a few others.

Already covered in this series are F1 DVDs and videos, biographies (including all the Lewis Hamilton books), F1 annuals and other books, and toys.

F1 car models

F1 cars usually come in 1:18 and 1:43 scale – my brother has collected over 100 of the latter. Inevitably there’s huge demand for the Lewis Hamilton models this year but both the smaller and larger versions are still available.

There’s a Kimi Raikkonen world championship presentation for Iceman fans or if you’re looking for something with more of a ‘plucky underdog’ feel why not get Anthony Davidson’s Super Aguri? Of course there’s a varied selection of Ayrton Senna models for fans of the Brazilian great.

If you’re after something really special there’s some fantastic but wallet-crippling gifts available. A full-size replica of the 2007 McLaren MP4/22’s steering wheel costs a breathtaking �1,250. A one-eighth scale model of the 1985 Lotus-Renault that Senna won his first Grand Prix in will set you back �2,750. Perhaps the classic Senna Double S T-Shirt would be a more reasonable option…

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F1 team and driver merchandise

Unfortunately due to the timing of the Formula 1 calendar the new season’s teamwear is not usually available until after Christmas. That’s not so bad if you’re favourite driver is staying at the same team, but for the second year in a row Fernando Alonso’s fans will have to make do with old kit.

McLaren’s silver and day-glo red colour scheme means some of their kit is not for the faint-hearted – particularly the luminescent red cap. The silver cap looks better. Similarly a lot of Renault merchandise comes in their white/blue/yellow/orange colour clash but there is a plain black shirt with the Renault F1 logo that looks good.

Ferrari’s is typically Italian and stylish although Scuderia traditionalists may baulk at the sheer amount of stuff you can buy with a prancing horse on it these days. There’s a wide selection of Ferrari T-shirts plus jackets and a particularly nice rucksack.

Williams’ blue and white gear is very neat – I particularly like their official team mug. Red Bull even do a pinstripe flat cap!

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More F1 gift ideas

F1 2007 Photobook

I know I’ve covered books exhaustively (biographies as well as annuals and other books from 2007) but I’ve only just found out about this one produced by fellow F1 blogger Milos of F1 Wolf. It’s a collection of photographs he shot during the 2007 F1 season.

“Private Paradise” (Jacques Villeneuve)

Is Jacques Villeneuve the only F1 world champion to go on to record an album? It didn’t get great reviews and its soft acoustic guitar sound isn’t my cup of tea, but it would certainly make an original gift.

News recreated – Lewis Hamilton

For the truly dedicated Lewis Hamilton fan. Clippings reproduced from newspapers detailing Hamilton’s first full season in Formula 1.

F1 painting

Rob Ijbema produces these brilliant Formula 1 paintings starting at �65.

Pole Position fragrance collection

David Coulthard’s personal brand of facial wash, shaving cream and more. With a chin like that he must get through the stuff…

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