BMW Sauber reveal their 2008 F1 car: the F1.08

2008 F1 season

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The fourth team to get the wraps off their 2008 F1 car is BMW Sauber, who revealed the F1.08 in Munich today.

Much like the Ferrari and McLaren revealed last week the F1.08 looks outwardly similar to its 2007 predecessor but will doubtless have a revised aerodynamic package before it is used for the first round at Melbourne in March.

See below for more pictures of the BMW Sauber F1.08.

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16 comments on “BMW Sauber reveal their 2008 F1 car: the F1.08”

  1. It does not seem that surprise they said… the new car seems to be too conservative for a team who desires to win…

  2. I can’t see important differences with other cars. Front wing is kind of “old school” (if you don’t mind i use that expression)

    Rear wing has four gills, and that’s the only important difference i found.

  3. We can’t really say at this point. They can just be hiding their key improvements until Melbourne.

    But let’s also remember that they lost some key people, like Jorg Zander. So let’s see how much of an impact that will have.

  4. Yeah, just like the other teams that have launched their new car, this aero package won’t be the one going to Melbourne.

    But I can spot afew differences from the F1.07, the car looks more sculpted and tighter, plus the ‘horns’ on the engine cover are alot lower than last year’s car – BMW seem to be the only team continuing to use those devices…

    To Vittorio84 – the car may look conservative, and it is, ‘cos face it, it is an evolution of last year’s car. But bear in mind that this is by no means the finished product. Also bear in mind that BMW’s steady conservative approach has done the team well so far, why stop with that approach now?

  5. In Spain Pedro de la Rosa comments the GP in TV. He said once that horns in Mclaren were a solution to increase downforce because they had a problem in Mclaren with that. He also said that the problem with horns is that it’s an important quantity of weight put on the top of the car, and moves the centre of gravity upwards.

    As soon as Mclaren found a solution the horns were inmediatly removed

  6. The area around the engine cover in front of the rear wing is interesting – there’s an extra wing quite far forward that’s connected to the heat vent coming out of the sidepods.

  7. I think when F1 teams use the phrase conservative they are working on a different scale to us – some of the tiny flicks and curves of the car (as well as the internal workings we can’t see!) to us might not seem much, but to them are probably quite radical, given the relatively stability of the regs over the last few seasons.

  8. I’m not sure about this car. It seems all too box-like. And what’s up with those side-pods?!

  9. Wow!!! This car looks fantastic! I love it

  10. looks good!i hope they will win a race this year because they deserve it.

  11. They do seem like genuine challengers this year. Hopefully they won’t end up going down the Honda route.

  12. more time to fully focus on new car than McLaren and Ferrari, no serious 2007 issues to solve (unlike Toyota, Honda, Renault, Red Bull), driver line up continuity … all good signs

  13. Notice the flaps below the rear wheel fairings. I think it looks great, and Dr. Mario thinks they can win with their package, regardless of the final skin.

  14. Can’t say I thought last years BMW was anything to drool over, and I’d say much the same from the pictures (considering it’s an evolution). However, I hope it at least pars with the 2007 edition and hopefully contend with the leaders in 2008.

    I have always wondered why BMW are in F1 (of all the marques), they don’t really seem to use the marque for much (if anything?), and I seriously detest their road cars…but for some reason I want them to do well in F1.

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