F1 news review: Max and “dear old Ron”

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Ferrari haven’t said anything about it for a few weeks but Max Mosley still can’t stop talking about last year’s spying scandal – he’s taken another pop at Ron Dennis.

Plus more doubts over the future of Super Aguri – and the security of Anthony Davidson’s drive in F1.

And a new recognition for three-times F1 champion Jack Brabham.

Interview with McLaren’s Ron Dennis – Ron Dennis on Max Mosley: “commentators tend to exaggerate the level of personal discord that exists between him and me.”

Mosley the diplomat turns on charm offensive after McLaren bitterness – Max Mosley on Ron Dennis: “When somebody you have known for 40 years looks you in the eye and says, ‘I am not lying,’ it is very hard not to believe them. And when dear old Ron said that to me, I had to wonder whether he really knew what was going on in his team.”

Hamilton can be the greatest – Max Mosley has kinder things to say about Lewis Hamilton.

F1 could lose a team in 2008 – Mosley – Instead of having 24 drivers in 2008, F1 might have only 20. Following Prodrive’s decision to drop their attempts to join F1, Max Mosley has suggested that Super Aguri may not return this year.

Indian group considering Aguri investment – An Indian company is looking at investing in the team, following Vijay Mallya’s creation of Force India F1. But they’re believed to want Narain Karthikeyan in Anthony Davidson’s seat, something Honda are not happy about.

Bernoldi secures Rocketsports driver – Enrique Bernoldi, the Arrows driver who famously incurred Ron Dennis’s wrath by holding up David Coulthard at Monte-Carlo, has returned to single-seater racing in America.

Zuber disappointed by Honda snub – Honda chose Mike Conway (2006 British F3 champion) and Luca Filippi as its 2008 test drivers over Timo Glock’s former GP2 team mate Andreas Zuber.

Heikki Kovalainen’s flying lap alerts F1 rivals – The Finnish driver is settling in at McLaren nicely.

Jenson Button looks to Ross Brawn – Button and Rubens Barrichello are hoping Brawn’s influence will lead to cooler-headed strategy calls.

DC: Impossible not to have a British GP – David Coulthard wants Silverstone to stay on the calendar.

Give F1 credit for bucking the credit crunch – F1 deal making remains healthy despite the global economic slowdown.

Record price for F1 numberplate – British ‘F1’ car license plate sells for 375,000 ($746,000).

F1 teams mull plans to enforce spending cap – FIA’s experience in investigating spying case has convinced them that budget capping is realistic.

Farewell to Bardley – Pitpass on Renault’s departing press officer Bradley Lord.

Hamilton helped Hornby’s Christmas race – Lewis Hamilton-branded Scalextric sets sold well.

My Earthdream funds – Honda’s ‘Earth Car’ raised 98,000 for eight different groups.

Jack Brabham honoured in Australia – 82 year-old Sir Jack Brabham, F1 champion in 1959, ’60 and ’66, is awarded the Order of Australia.

Primergy pit stop challenge – Win a trip to the Monaco Grand Prix with this new website set up by an F1 Fanatic reader.

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6 comments on “F1 news review: Max and “dear old Ron””

  1. Honda raised £98k.

    How can you spend a whole year with worldwide advertising and raise only £98k. That is totally pathetic. A complete farce.

  2. Moral of the story: When Max calls you “dear old…”, it’s time to duck.

  3. Considering that a student managed to raise £1m by simply selling 1 million pixels on a site set up for that purpose alone, Honda have done pretty appallingly.

    Also, Max doesn’t see the irony of calling people “dear old…” in such a patronising way when he’s usually older than the target of the comment (I’ve heard him use that sentence structure against EJ, Paul Stoddart and Jackie Stewart before now).

  4. ” Max Mosley still can’t stop talking about last year’s spying scandal – he’s taken another pop at dear old Ron”

    Why don’t we stop talking about ‘dear old Max’?

  5. All those in favor of having Max Mosely’s voice box surgically removed say “aye”

    me: Aye!

  6. aye aye here – the second is for the little runt – who’s latest utterance is that the australian gp will be axed unles it’s run at night – eco warrior strikes again – after max’s speil about being eco friendly and capping spending – an excuse to let teams in from afar with minimum cost – oops unless they want to use a mclaren sourced car – then no chance!!!

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