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What’s going on at Honda? Reports indicate chairman Yasuhiro Wada, the man behind Super Aguri, is leaving the team. So is chief designer Kevin Taylor, who had apparently been squeezed out by the rival of ex-BMW man Jorg Zander. Is this Ross Brawn getting his outfit ship-shape?

How did Prodrive miss out on their F1 slot for 2008? Racer has an insightful analysis. There’s only one week left to save Super Aguri but the Magma Group may step in to help the team.

Williams are rumoured to be looking at hiring a second test driver alongside Nico Hulkenberg. The German driver is managed by Michael Schumacher’s manager Willi Weber and is tipped as a star of the future, but the most powerful cars he’s driven are F3 and A1GP. Borja Garcia has done a lot of running in GP2 and is apparently supported by the government of Valencia. Meanwhile Adrian Sutil admitted he was courted by McLaren and Williams in the off-season.

Ecclestone wants Paris for the 2009 French Grand Prix and the race organisers have admitted that Magny-Cours is definitely off for next year . And the future of thee Australian Grand Prix is still in doubt as it emerges it will cost $37.5m (??18.89m) to extend the contract beyond 2010. Silverstone has unveiled major changes as it seeks to hold onto the British Grand Prix.

Former F1 drivers are giving interviews as the new season nears – Alain Prost talks up Lewis Hamilton but Eddie Irvine thinks F1 is now too easy.

Damon Hill thinks McLaren will suffer the after-effects of spygate and Ross Brawn says it’s unlikely we’ll see a repeat of the scandal this year.

Lewis Hamilton has spent plenty of time with journalists recently and Williams admitted they passed up a chance to sign him four years ago.

Renault have revealed their recent financial statements. Finally, here’s a new site hoping to be motorsport’s very own Youtube.

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