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The F1 Fanatic Cool Wall is back! Read on for who’s where and why…

Seriously cool: Williams

The car’s been quick in testing and their cracking young driver Nico Rosberg spurned a big-money move to McLaren to stick with the team that gave him his F1 break – and to take the outfit his father won the championship for in 1982 back to the top. Their second driver is quick but a bit wild, the way Japanese F1 drivers tend to be. This is all rather cool.

Everyone likes Williams at the moment. Apart from David Richards, who’s in a huff with them because their opposition to customer cars stopped him getting in F1. Which is a bit uncool of them, but also cool in an F1-is-a-mean-business kind of way.

Cool: tyre smoke

Traction control is banned this year and I’m hoping we’ll see big clouds of tyre smoke as the first race gets underway.

Cool: Red Bull

Now some people wanted Red Bull deeming ‘uncool’ for their: “ugly, ugly fin we saw earlier in testing.” But in true Jeremy Clarkson* fashion I’m going to over rule them and shout loudly so no-one else can hear me.

I think the fact that they have parts on the car that actually make them look substantially different from other cars is cool, when F1 cars increasingly look the same. Fins are cool, just ask Kimi or Heikki.

Uncool: Vijay Mallya

Milos put Force India F1 boss Vijay Mallya forward for the ‘uncool’ spot:

He is kind of a cool guy, he should spend some time on the uncool wall for not knowing how to pronounce names of his drivers

Uncool: Formula One Management

Nico Savidge said it best:

Is the 10-second video of Kimi Raikkonen I took at the USGP really gonna destroy the sport? I didn’t think so.

Seriously uncool: Honda

Just like when I did the first Cool Wall it’s hard to find a less cool team than Honda – so the Seriously Uncool spot is still named after them. Two arguments were put forward for keeping them in the pit of total uncoolness. Dan Brunell said:

Honda’s treatment of Super Aguri… Really either pull the plug or help them find some sponsors this year. To keep them out on a string this long is unfair to the team, their sponsors, and all of us.

And Nico Savidge marked them down for their paint job. Honda are represented here by Rubens Barrichello. Anyone want to make a case for him not belonging in the Seriously Uncool section? Thought not.

This post was created with suggestions from the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group:

Join the group now to get involved with F1 Fanatic, or read more information about the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group. Right now there are new discussions on what made F1 great and whether F1 Fanatic should have a mobile site.

*For anyone out there who doesn’t watch Top Gear, the whole Cool Wall idea is ripped off from the motoring TV show presented by the opinionated and loud Jeremy Clarkson.

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11 comments on “F1 Cool Wall: from Williams to Honda”

  1. What did Honda do to SA?  As a matter of fact Honda helped to keep them on the grid this year.  Honda has more problems than any team and they still find time and resources to keep SA afloat.Yeah, you’re right, they are uncool… 

  2. "Fins are cool, just ask Kimi or Heikki."  Seriously bad puns are so cool they’re almost Antarctic.

    Honda are uncool for their uniforms alone.  But Button deserves to be counted as cool for daring to wear them without breaking into tears.

  3. FOM at uncool?, That’s not harsh enough tbh.

  4. Maybe that’s why the FOM box straddles the "Honda" line, James…

  5. Vijay doesn’t know how to pronounce Fisichella or Sutil? You can’t blame him man, have you heard the commentary we Indians are subjected to India via ESPN/Star Sports by Steve Slater and Chris Goodwin? One guy call Fisi "Fisikella" and the other pronounces it as Fisichella as in Chair. The best part is when they used to compare Hamilton to Schumacher and say, (hold your breath)… "he is so Schumacheresque!!!!!!!!!"
    Please, move Vijay to the cool wall for

    1. Having really pretty air hostesses on his airline
    2. For dishing out a calendar each year along the lines of Pirelli
    3. For throwing the most amazingly lavish parties in F1


    (oh and did I mention he should be put on the cool wall for providing every watering hole in India with some of the finest booze?)

  6. Vijay Mallya should stay uncool, he’s an old man with a weird beard, permanent sunglasses and an earring.

  7. The coolest thing in Vijay is that he doesn’t know a thing about F1, but as Flav, is right in there. Guys, this is absolutely cool…
    So, please Keith, move Vijay back to the cool wall!!

  8. I think Toyota should join Honda.  They had Mike Gascoyne giving them a decent car and sorting out their mess and they sacked him.  They haven’t taken a forward step since and this season their customer is going to blow them half way back to Japan.

  9. Credit to Vijay for the pretty girls and the parties, but will he manage to outdo Red Bull in either catagory? As for the F1 management removing Nico’s video, that’s totally uncool.

  10. if you want to know what I mean, watch the video from the launch ofForce India car (should be available on their website) . i suggested only short stay on the uncool wall :-)

    I however have to agree on that Steve Slater  matter … that guy is a disgrace and unfortunatelly we have the same feed on Start Sports …

  11. Milos, my friend, I share your pain… sometimes Chris and Steve leave you wishing you could only look at the race and hear the engines roaring as they zipped past.

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