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Watch the first F1Fanatic video race preview of 2008 including interviews with Lewis Hamilton and Murray Walker plus a competition to win tickets to the British Grand Prix.

Nick Heidfeld, Vijay Mallya and Ross Brawn are also featured, plus a video lap of the Albert Park circuit.

This is the first in a new series of weekly F1 videos on F1Fanatic produced by USP Content, who do live Formula 1 coverage for BBC Radio 5 as well as Renault’s F1 podcast. The video are presented by Meryck Hurley (more about Meryck here) and Ralf, who does the track guides (no, it’s not Schumacher!)

And you’ll be able to see these videos on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group soon as well:

For more F1 videos see the F1 video section. You can also find different quality versions of this video in case you’re having trouble playing it (do leave a comment if you have any problems – the buffering may need adjusting).

Please note the competition contained in this video is run by USP Content and not Entry is restricted to UK residents. Terms and conditions apply.

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9 comments on “Video: 2008 Australian GP preview”

  1. Hmmm, I see Christine has competition.  I’ll avoid favouritism by watching both, I think…  :D

  2. "I’ll avoid favouritism by watching both, I think…"you wanna watch those splinters clive :)

  3. Yow, and pretty good competition too.  And what’s this, contests? Yow!

    Hang on, is this exclusive to F1Fanatic, or available to other sites as well?

  4. I think other versions of the video are available to other sites – the competitions are not exclusive. That end of things is all run by USP.

  5. I whole-heartedly approve of anything with Murray in it

    and whoever was ogling the sidepodcast lady has just reminded me to go over and have a look…

    at the site, I mean ;)

  6. ….easy now boys

  7. And now you know why lady commentators are all the rage in F1…  :D

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