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Here are the ways you can follow the 2008 Malaysian Grand Prix on F1Fanatic.co.uk – including the popular new F1Fanatic Live Blog plus a few changes to the usual line-up:

Malaysian Grand Prix previews

Instead of the usual one big post on a Tuesday previewing the race there will be a series of posts starting from Tuesday looking at different talking points ahead of the next race.

Malaysian Grand Prix video preview

Check back on Thursday for the video preview of the Malaysian Grand Prix. (Here’s the Australian Grand Prix video in case you missed it).

F1Fanatic Live Blog

Live discussion during all the practice sessions, qualifying and the race will be available on F1Fanatic.co.uk. I was originally calling this “F1 Comments Live” but I think “F1Fanatic Live Blog” is a better name!

This was a huge success last week, particularly thanks to the help I got from Ollie from BlogF1 and Duncan from Vee8 with moderating last time. The race discussion saw 84 people join in and over 1,100 comments, plus live polls and plenty of important moments spotted long before the professional commentators saw them!

I expect it to get even busier as the season gets going so if anyone would like to help out with moderating during any of the sessions please contact me. Review the Australian Grand Prix race coverage.

2008 Malaysian Grand Prix session times

Malaysian Grand Prix flashback

Taking a look back at the 2001 Malaysian Grand Prix – this Thursday.

After the race

Check back after the race for our ‘rate the race’ poll.

Within a few hours of the race finishing the detailed race review will be online.

And check back on Monday for facts and statistics from the Malaysian Grand Prix and keep an eye on F1Fanatic’s sister site Maximum Motorsport for coverage of the GP2 Asia support races.

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