Sense of irony failure as Sky slags off ITV motorsport coverage

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Regular readers will know of my displeasure with Sky’s practice of missing live Indy Car racing to bring NASCAR instead. And yet on their motoring blog is happy to knock ITV for the quality of their F1 coverage:

Desperate to sponge the most revenue out of this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix, ITV put an ad break in at lap 33, which made all viewers miss a sensational overtaking monouvre [sic].

Do Sky withhold adverts during their live NASCAR coverage? No. Nor did they during their live Indy Car coverage, which may not even exist any more.

They are hardly in a position to lecture others on quality motor sports coverage. The re-united Indy Car series has British driver Dan Wheldon battling at the sharp end and plenty of other excellent British talent in the field like Justin Wilson and Darren Manning.

Instead Sky shows NASCAR, where British fans are treated to an occasional glimpse of Dario Franchitti being lapped in a series that has seldom enjoyed popularity on these shores.

Sky needs to bring back live Indy Car racing and, if they really want to preach to ITV, put their money where their mouth is and drop the adverts from their coverage as well.

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