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I and other racing fans were full of praise for ITV’s expanded motor sports coverage earlier this year as they took over from Eurosport in broadcasting GP2, bringing the F1 feeder category to a potentially much wider audience.

It has also expanded its British Touring Car Championship coverage and is showing the FIA GT series as well.

But at the British Grand Prix weekend it failed to show the GP2 feature race live and is doing the same this weekend.

Frustratingly, the cause of the rescheduling seems to be the Tour de France drugs competition cycle race. Why is this so annoying? Because the Tour is already being shown live on Eurosport.

So British viewers have two places to watch a French cycle race but can’t watch F1’s number one feeder category live.

I’m disappointed to see how quickly ITV’s coverage has gone downhill. If they aren’t going to show GP2 live they should give it to someone who will.

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