Ryan Briscoe takes second win of 2008 at Mid-Ohio (Indy Car)

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Ryan Briscoe led a Penske 1-2 at Mid-Ohio

Ryan Briscoe won for Penske at Mid-Ohio in a hectic race that started on a wet track.

Briscoe started second alongside Helio Castroneves but dropped back early on as Justin Wilson and Scott Dixon passed him.

But with a few laps the drivers were switxhing to slick tyres and the two that changed earliest – Vitor Meira and Darren Manning – took the lead.

However a series of incidents mixed up the running order, culminating in a multi-car shunt at a restart triggered by Mario Dominguez. The Mexican driver hit Wilston, triggering a crash that eliminated Marco Andretti and delayed Dan Wheldon as well.

Briscoe took over the lead from Bruno Junqueira who tried to reach the end of the race on petrol fumes but eventually succumbed to the inevitable and pitted.

That left Castroneves clear to take second for a Penske one-two. He barely made a dent in Scott Dixon’s championship lead however as the Ganassi driver finished third.

Championship top five

Scott Dixon 490
Helio Castroneves 437
Tony Kanaan 391
Dan Wheldon 377
Ryan Briscoe 349

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