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Here’s the Red Bulletin Italian Grand Prix preview video. It features a 3D guide to the track, and Murray Walker’s thoughts on the famous Ferrari one-two in 1988, shortly after the death of Enzo Ferrari.

This series of videos is also available on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group as well:

F1 Fanatic Facebook Group

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3 comments on “Italian Grand Prix preview (Video)”

  1. I’d no idea these videos were affiliated with red bull(etin) until now, was this always the case, or have they bought them out thinking it’ll make a good marketing ploy?

    Either way, I like the slightly more offbeat and slightly less formal tone of the new video, and the guy presenter.

    What I *hate* however, is the annoying sped-up audio on the track guide. If they want to speed up the video then thats fine, but couldn’t they either pitch-correct or mute the engine audio?

    As always, thanks for bringing us this, I always enjoy a bit of preview video :)

  2. Kris – Red Bulletin just came on board at the last race, I think they’re still tweaking the format of the videos. I was a bit disappointed with the speeding-up of the track video.

  3. Suggestions to the producers: GO BACK TO THE OLD FORMAT!

    – Just let Merrik do it herself. I don’t want to break anyone’s feelings but it just don’t work with two people. She seemed to do very well on her own as a presenter.

    – Stick to the racing and track news; there is a little to much of the “entertainment news.”

    – The pace is way to fast. It is hard to follow.

    Thanks for posting Keith.

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