Lap of Singapore with Nico Rosberg on the Williams F1 simulator (Video)

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Williams has produced this video showing Nico Rosberg driving a lap of the new Singapore F1 circuit on the team’s simulator.

The video gives the best impression I’ve seen so far of what a lap of Singapore during the night race will look like for the drivers.

A few of things stand out about the circuit based on seeing this footage.

The three part chicane of turns 10a/b/c is very narrow. Sebastien Bourdais said today he’s concerned about the severity of the kerbs at the corner as well, so this could be a likely scene for incidents.

The later stages of the track are hypnotically repetitive – it’s just one tight, blind corner after another.

And assuming this simulation accurately models the amount of run-off available for the drivers, there doesn’t seem to be anything like as much as there was at Valencia.

Detailed guide to the configuration of the Singapore track here: Thoughts on Singapore’s F1 track

Singapore street circuit for the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix - click to enlarge

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24 comments on “Lap of Singapore with Nico Rosberg on the Williams F1 simulator (Video)”

  1. That is cool :-D

    Circuit doesn’t look overly thrilling, from that, but a nice little glimpse of it.

  2. WOW

    It seems Monaco on steroids…

    Unfortunately I’m traveling on Sunday, so I’ll be able to see only the qualy. Normally when I can’t see a race (and it happens only once in a while) it turns out to be one of the best races of the year (Montreal 07, Spa 08). So, enjoy it for me!!

  3. I believe it will be boring as hell… Lets hope that, because its run at night, things will spice up anyway.

  4. i NEED that simulator!!!

  5. Yeah this has definitely given me a suggestion for what the new Codemasters F1 game should be like…

  6. I know what I’m asking Santa for… :)

    The circuit looks nice, not spectacular, but with the floodlights it should look better, it looked way too dark.

  7. Pedro, if he brings it can I come have a go please ?

    Valencia has been the only new circuit I haven’t liked for a while and while Singapore is a street circuit too I’m hoping it’s going to be a good one.

    It looks wide enough for some overtaking but with some tight barriers at parts to give the drivers a challange.

  8. “The Uniquely Singapore Racer” doesn’t look quite as good as Williams simulator, but here it is anyway:

  9. Hi Keith

    I just wanted to congratulate you for a fantastic blog which you run. I must say i have been reading your blog for a year now and the level of maturity and logical arguements although not neccessarily agreable have been fantastic. The careful dedication and application which you have shown is something i haven’t seen in other f1 blogs. Kudos from an addicted fan and keep it up.

  10. Thanks Jese :-)

  11. I have seen betters sims, that looks yo get into the walls y nothing happens… mmm well that’s my humble opinion, je, greetings

  12. I mean the graphics, the car and the system looks good, but I think the car gets to close to the walls, that’s all…

  13. Great video. Thanks for posting!

    After seeing the curbs that were installed at the chicane, I don’t think drivers will be taking as fast as Nico did. And I agree that the last few turns seem quite repetative. But overall I think this circuit will be great. Looking forward to it!

  14. Williams should sell their simulator software as the next PC game and make a ton of money and fans :)

  15. I mean the graphics, the car and the system looks good, but I think the car gets to close to the walls, that’s all…

    Yes, I know what you mean. There were a couple of bits where it looked like the steering lock Rosberg was giving the wheel didn’t really match what the car was doing terribly accurately.

  16. That is awesome, I am so pumped for the race on Sunday.

    Getting married on Saturday so will be missing qually but WATCHING THE RACE WITH MY NEW WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She indulges my F1 leanings :)

  17. Congratulations Terry, surely you can walk up the isle to the sound of BBC Radio 5? ;)

  18. Nice one Terry have a fantastic day! I took my girlfriend to Monza last year… she didn’t exactly love it.

  19. Yeah, Congrats Terry, well done!

  20. @Terry: If I just got married, I wouldn’t spend my time watching F1 if you know what I mean. Nudge Nudge.

  21. a 1:43.6
    let’s see what the real times are!

  22. Thanks Everyone! And Internet you are making a compelling point there…

    Back in a few days, enjoy the race!

  23. Excellent drive by Nico, hope he can keep it up in the race. With Hamiltons ability on ‘new’ tracks, he should take this one ahead of massa. I don’t see kimi having the go as he did in the latter part of last season.

  24. Well BMW Dogfather, last new track (Valencia) was completely dominated by Massa…

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