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What did you think of the Singapore Grand Prix? Rate the race out of ten and discuss it below.

Rate the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix out of 10

  • 10 - Perfect (11%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (18%)
  • 8 - Great (21%)
  • 7 - Good (15%)
  • 6 - Not bad (8%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (3%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (1%)
  • 3 - Boring (1%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (2%)
  • 1 - Terrible (22%)

Total Voters: 1,552

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34 comments on “Rate the race: Singapore Grand Prix”

  1. 7-8 Good to Great.

    We got loads of action but not much overtaking.

    This could turn into a classic track in a few years due to the night time aspect and the amazing scenery of Singapore. It could be a classic due to the incidents that occur rather than out and out racing though.

    If the new regulations next year allow the cars to run closer to each other then I think we could have more overtaking in future races as there a few good places to make a move, the bumps help this too, but as ever, it’ll depend what effect the new reg’s make.

    Overall I really enjoyed the race and the unusual result was good to see, I’m not Alonso’s biggest fan but I was happy to see him win again after driving well & getting some luck.

  2. Pleased that Alonso won, and he did no end of favours to my view of him in the post race press conference too.

    And while I can’t help but feel sorry for Massa, I also can’t help but feel it’s natural justice for the points gained at Spa.

  3. PERFECT-based on the results only. big snooze really but the last 20 laps or so had me wide eyed and bleeding from the palms (must remember to trim these fingernails).

    hats off to speed for sticking with it even through the post race…they even cut into a nascar program to do it! all in all this is one for the history books!


    and hats off to ferrari. if max was trying to hand the championship to him they’ve certainly handed it right back.

  4. The more they showed Sutil’s crash, the more obvious it is to me that Massa caused it.

    Sutil coming round the corner, on the racing line, only to find Massa in the middle of extricating himself; the barrier being the only other option.

    This has to be a 10-place grid penalty? Causing an avoidable accident.

  5. 6-7 – eventful, and certainly much better than Valencia. The safety car saved it from boredom, even though there were a few passes made. I just don’t see much opportunity to pass other than between turns 6 & 7, regardless of the rules.

    I do love the look of cars under the lights though, but I think they have to address the pit entry and I don’t think marshalls should have to be in such direct firing line of the car (re: guy with broom/mop just at the grandstand entry where Sutil went off!).

    Overall, it wasn’t bad, good to see Alonso and Rosberg on the podium again, on merit and a bit of luck. Disaster result for Ferrari, both championships are slipping away now.

  6. 4 – Often tedious.

    One of those dull, annoying but incident-filled races. The only bit I really enjoyed was seeing Alonso’s emotion on the podium and, admittedly, Ferrari getting a big zero. But it’s a terrible circuit. Virtually nowhere to overtake. Is it really impossible to design new circuits to favour overtaking?? OK, the circuit encourages incidents, but the SC lottery is only mildly diverting and not really what it’s about.

  7. Why did I rate it terrible? Because once again the Safety Car heavily influenced the outcome of the race.

  8. First of all, we have been asked to rate the race not the circuit.

    So, for me, the race was fantastic (9) despite it was so great because unexpected issues (safety car) as in the most of this year’s GP that can be highly rated.

    Glad to see Fernando winning a race in the miserable season he’s having. He was so lucky with the first safety car, but he has shown us a very good performance in a car below the best ones of the grid. And is a good compensation for his bad luck in Q2, btw.

    If I would have to rate the circuit, I will rate it with just a 5 or 6.


    Night race. Colorfull views of the cars and very exciting to watch.


    Street circuit very similar to monaco: High downforces and mainly imposible to overtake as the drivers were comenting. Hope next year changes, will allow F1 for seeing more action on the track during the race.

  9. Not so much the events on the track, but the atmosphere.
    We have to continue with the safety car rules as they are till the end of the season But its just madness.

  10. That was a good race, i gave it 7. It had a bit of everything, coupled with the whole night-time element and the fact that it was a street track. A stark contrast to the godawful European GP.

    I think the track needs to be changed for next year though, I can’t help but think that the first corner complex needs to contain fewer corners, maybe a longer sweeper or a kink and a tight hairpin, rather than the ‘fast-chicane followed by a corner’ thing it’s got going on. Turn 10a/b/c needs to just be one corner though, theres room there to make it a mid-speed sweep, or a slower, tighter corner, but they don’t need that chicane there.

    Loved the bumps though, its good to see sparks again.

  11. Why does turn 10 need changing? Even without the crazy curbs it seems like a bit of a challenge, much more of a challenge than yet another 90 degree turn.
    And don’t forget, the reason it’s there is to slow people down and stop them running 2 wide over the bridge, so they wouldn’t make it a mid-speed sweep.

  12. Just seems so opposite to what Formula One is supposed to be. I bet Senna would hate all these chicanes.

  13. If they could replace it with an over-taking opportunity then I’d be all for it but I don’t think they could/would so keep it as it is.

  14. And don’t forget, the reason it’s there is to slow people down and stop them running 2 wide over the bridge, so they wouldn’t make it a mid-speed sweep.

    Seems to me that if you don’t want cars to run side by side on a piece of racetrack, you don’t use that piece of track!

    God knows it’s difficult enough to pass in F1 without deliberately engineering sections of track to filter cars into single file.

    But of course this is F1 – they built the track first to create maximum spectacle for TV, and then worried about how it will affect racing…

  15. Sooooperpigdog
    29th September 2008, 0:06

    Perfect – Both Ferraris failed to finish LOL

  16. im really sorry to raise this but does anyone ;just deserve was served today?????

    no one has picked up on the point (points) that hamma time picked up 6 points today the points he lost in spa ?????

    great race and no way fia could rig it apart from the fact that massahad a drive through because he could not win?????????????? sooooorrryyyyy for asking questions again but why a drive through here to show face of none anti ferrarie bias when then had no chance to get points hhhmmmm questions

  17. this race is gr8 , unique , it’s not possible to see what happend today again , the race changed upside down , it’s great unique race ,
    by the way , sorry for ferrari , but they still got the chance of sure , the next races gonna be wowwww ;)

  18. Perfect !

    Fernando wins, Ferrari fail to score. Who could ask for amything better?

    I thought that the race was pretty good, lots of action & some absolutely fantastic racing by Alonso.

    And the atmosphere in the grandstand was electric too. The fans were really enthusiastic which was great.

    Well worth the $$$ to get here, and I really can’t see amyway the FIA-arri can mess with the result of this one.

  19. Pink, it would be hard for the atmosphere not to be electric with all those lights! ;)

  20. It is interesting to read through the comments,and l am very surprised to see that no one complained about the way this race was carried out, l believe that it was an absolutely unfair race, and that the referees were not in control of the situation. L believe that a very unwise rule ( closed pit lane during SC ) ruins the tactic of the teams and the outcome of the race. As a matter of fact l am not even sure that the two RED Bulls came out in the ‘right time’ nor did Fernando Alonso, who’s team was actually expecting a drive through penalty-hence l don’t think that the referees knew what they were doing at all. l am very sad to notice that Formula is controlled by amateurs and that the outcome of the race is always decided not on the track but in the FIA office.

  21. i’d say “the track is aesthetically beautiful, but not for racing though. there were less overtaking moves from start to finish. The results was good but the race was not.

  22. Almos – It is a terrible rule as we’ve said here many times before (links below), but it was at least enforced fairly. The two Red Bulls got into the pits before the ‘Pit Lane Closed’ message was displayed, but Rosberg and Kubica didn’t.

    New safety car rules catch teams out
    Bad safety car rules catch out Heidfeld
    Video: the safety car rules danger

  23. Regardless of me being a Kimi/Ferrari fan, I thought this was one of the best races of the year.

    Hats off to Singapore for organising it, and Piquet for adding the final touches of brilliance to the mixing pot!

  24. The racing was more than a little processional, but the race was great, thanks to plenty of incidents.

    It was good to see a race that pushed the endurance of F1 teams again – a near 2hr race, on a very bumpy circuit, with nothing but concrete walls to collect mistakes. I like the track, with a few minor reservations – the pit lane entrance is dangerous, and I think turns 1-2 need remodelling to make a genuine over-taking opportunity there.

  25. Good race, nothing spectacular. Fantastic results, even tho I don’t really like Alonso, I enjoy seeing someone from that far back on the grid have a shot at winning, and terrific race from Nico, well done.

    SC rules will change when FOTA comes into existence in 2009. It is my understanding that only 2 lesser teams do not want the change right now, therefore no unanimous vote.

    If they could add another corner or two for better overtaking all the better. Turn 10 needs to stay as is. Could possibly be the next “Wall of Champions.” there are not enough corners in F1 anymore that punish the drivers for getting it wrong. It seems with todays tracks, every driver will finish unless there is contact or a mechanical failure.

    There seems to be more than just turn 7 to overtake, however it looks like it’s a risk vs reward issue for the drivers to do it. How long did HAM run behind DC before he had to make a move and pass him?

    Looking forward to this race next year.

  26. Good race. Reminded me of all those US CART races of yore, with 2 or three full course cautions, mind-numbing fuel strategy varations, and a crazy dash over bumps and curbs to the flag.

    But I have to rue the timing of this race. If this were the 3rd race of the season, we would have had the unbelievable excitement of seeing Hamilton barge past DC and Rosberg, and run down and attempt to pass Fred for victory.

  27. @dmw

    That’s an interesting point about the place the race has on the calender.

    Maybe if it was bumped up to the first half of the season then the drivers may be more adventurous, as you say, as they’d have more to gain and less to lose (psychologically).

    Could possibly move it to be after Australia, if the weather that time of year is OK ?

  28. Yes a good result due only to SC & Ferrari non finish.
    Not sure it should be a night race,Yes I know you all love the cars at night But think about it! Can we afford to have all the Green’s pointing fingers at motor sport for using more Fuel than is needed by running all those extra Generators to light the place up?

  29. Sue;

    Just another major inconsistency between the “greens” and the true spirit of racing. The so called greens will always oppose any form of motor sport as an infringement on the planet.

    I agree that racing doesn’t need to flaunt our sport in the face of the greens by holding night races (Thank you Bernie) but they will always find a rationale to condemn the sport.

    But fear not, Max will have us racing solar powered cars within a few years, and competitive racing as we know it will be done for.

  30. I wonder how many of those that rated this race as “Terrible” are Ferrari fans? Just wondering.

  31. di Montezomelo is hating on Singapore now: http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?id=44137.

    He complains that the racing is boring without the safety car period. True, but NASCAR, CART, IRL, even ALMS has plenty of such periods and they do not seem to adulterate the racing. You can’t have it both ways — the great car and driver will run off to a crushing victory, or you also want an advantage removed to have “great racing.” Manipulating the cars will only do so much because however easy you make the passing, a few cars will be dominant and will just run away and hide.

    (And, personally, I don’t mind seeing and hearing that fierce Mercedes pace car take those chicanes at 9/10ths for a couple laps a race either. That is a serious road car.)

  32. I rated it terrible. The race itself was exciting, but only because of the mistakes and safty car. Why should pointless safety car rules decide the finish of great drivers? The track itself seemed in horrible condition, bouncing the cars all over the place. Also, it was nearly impossible for drivers to pass one another. I would hate to see another race on this track unless it was improved. I like the the idea of a night race but not on this track.
    BTW, not a farrari fan. It was great to see Alonso win.

  33. Many Ferrari fan found the Singapore track is terrible due to their team do not get any points….
    Face the fact dude….

    Go McLaren… Go Lewis

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