Timo Scheider beats Paul di Resta to title (DTM)

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Timo Scheider claimed the 2008 DTM crown by winning the season finale at the Hockenheimring from rival Paul di Resta.

Di Resta, who needed to beat Scheider to win the championship, finished just a couple of seconds behind his Audi rival.

Scheider started third on the grid but shot past di Reta to lead at the start. Scheider’s team mate Mathias Ekstrom spent the first lap trying to hold up di Resta and in doing so damaged the front of his rivals Mercedes – for which he was later handed a penalty.

Scheider led at the end of the first lap from Jamie Green, who shortly moved aside to let di Resta through. Di Resta cut Scheider’s lead to two seconds during the first stint but a slow pit stop by the Mercedes team lost him precious time.

But even without that it’s doubtful he could have got on terms with his title rival. Scheider coolly won his third race of the year – giving him as many victories as di Resta – and claimed the title by four points.

It’s the second consecutive drivers’ title for Audi, after Ekstrom won last year.

Mercedes’ Bernd Schneider, who last won the title in 2006, drove his final race. The DTM veteran has four titles to his name, from 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2006, all with Mercedes. His final victory this year came at the Nurburgring.

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