Ferrari win 16th F1 constructors’ title

2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Ferrari sealed the F1 constructors’ championship title in the Brazilian Grand Prix, increasing their record tally of titles to 16.

Although Ferrari is the only active team to compete in the first ever world championship F1 Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1950, half of its title have come in the last ten years.

They won the title six years in a row from 1999 to 2004, then again in 2007 before retaining it this year. Last year they became champions after the FIA decided to exclude McLaren from the constructors’ championship over the spying row.

Their other eight titles came in 1961, 1964, 1975-7, 1979 and 1982-3. Ferrari would probably have an even larger haul of titles had the constructors’ championship come into existence at the same time as the drivers’ title. It was not inaugurated until 1958.

Ferrari’s constructors’ championship-winning cars

1961 – 156
1964 – 156 Aero / 158
1975 – 312B3 / 312T
1976 – 312T / 312T2
1977 – 312T2
1979 – 312T3 / 312T4
1982 – 126C2
1983 – 126C2B
1999 – 126C3
2000 – F1-2000
2001 – F2001
2002 – F2001 / F2002
2003 – F2002 / F2003-GA
2004 – F2004
2007 – F2007
2008 – F2008

Ferrari F1 team information

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8 comments on “Ferrari win 16th F1 constructors’ title”

  1. The 2008 Winners are Lewis Hamilton the WDC and Ferrari the WCC.

    McLaren one more time lose against Ferrari.

  2. well, as no one has commented here, i think i will…..

    WHO CARES??!!!?!!??!

  3. It was a job well done from team Ferrari! It was a perfect finish, but not a good journey considering the cheap mistakes they’ve done through the course of 2008 and the team’s caliber, I wish them all the best for 2009, and expect them to come back strong for next season.

    I feel, Ferrari – Kimi / (Massa minus few of his mistakes), McLaren – Lewis, Renault – Fernando, RedBull – Vettel (if the car proves to be good) & BMW – Kubica gonna be a damn good contenders for 2009. 2009 can be much better, if Max quits forever or stops imposing useless technical regulations.

  4. Last year they became champions after the FIA decided to exclude McLaren from the constructors’ championship over the spying row.

    Oh, come on… get over that, will you. McLaren scored 203 points in 2007, and Ferrari 204 — how much clearer do you want it?

  5. Truth be told I still have a tiny bad taste in my mouth regarding this years FIA Ferrari’s ruthless tactics in trying to manufacture an outright win (i.e. WDC & WCC) at seemingly any expense… but we couldn’t have asked for a better ending to dispel that very taste… oh well anyway, bygones etc, and well done the reds…

  6. As long as Heikki is in Mclaren; I don’t think Mclaren are ever going to win the WCC

  7. A very good championship for Ferrari- somethign to hang their hats on and be proud of. However, in my first full seraosn of following the sport, it has become clear to me that the drivers championship overshadows the constructors title by a long shot- dose anyone else seem to think the same way?

    @ Sumedh

    I believe you are correct in assessing Heikki’s performance- he is not the consisten performer I thought he would be at the start of the season. However, Lewis is the franchise at McLaren, and I don’t think the team will ever go out and get a truly capeable second driver for as long as Lewis is with the team and at the top of his game. Heikki may not help win the constructors title, but as long as he stays out of Hamilton’s way, Ron and Martin really don’t care.

  8. FORZA FERRARI!!!The guys from Maranello are doing a great job.
    Lets hope Kimi gets back to form again in 2009 and Ferrari would be unbeatable.

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