We’re gonna need a montage: A collection of F1 season reviews (Video)

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F1 video montages from 1989 to 1997 to 2008
F1 video montages from 1989 to 1997 to 2008

The art of the F1 season review video montage: the most dramatic action, clever editing, and above all, a well-chosen song.

Who does it best? Here’s a selection of F1 video montages from 1989 to 2008. Watch them below, and link to more of your favourites in the comments.

1989 F1 season: BBC

BBC famously used the riff from Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” as the music for the opening and end credits of F1 programme “Grand Prix” – hopefully it will be back next year! Like “The Chain”, “Go Your Own Way” was from Fleetwood Mac’s hugely successful album “Rumours”, and was used by the BBC for their 1989 season montage.

I have fond memories of seeing this the first time, shortly after I just started watching Formula 1.

1991 F1 season: BBC

With the final round of the 1991 season cut short after just 14 laps, the BBC needed to fill some time in their highlights programme, hence this comprehensive look back on the championship.

1997 F1 season: ITV

I’ve had a few requests before about what song this is from ITV’s first-ever F1 season montage: it’s “Ayare” from Way Out West’s 1997 self-titled album.

2002 F1 season: FIA Gala

The famous ‘Michael Schumacher is the man from the Milk Tray ad” video. Hugely cheesy.

2005 F1 season: FIA Gala

I find these FIA ones a bit pretentious, but the footage is first-rate.

2007 F1 season: FIA Gala

The FIA’s montage of last season.

2008 F1 season: ITV

ITV did a video montage of their 12 years covering F1 as well as this brief look back on the season.

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  • 20 comments on “We’re gonna need a montage: A collection of F1 season reviews (Video)”

    1. Haunting words from Prost…

      Ayrton has a small problem – he thinks he can’t kill himself

    2. Terry Fabulous
      5th November 2008, 5:31

      Why Keith!

      I didn’t pick you for a Team America fan.

      Now I’ve seen everything

    3. Hahahahah Yes! Team America

    4. I love Team America (and South Park, which the song is originally from). Now, can anyone set some F1 action to “Montage”?

    5. Great post Keith, just what we needed to fill the emptiness of off-season.

      Why did I know even before watching, that ITV’s 2008 Montage will just run outta space for the Canadian fiasco and the start at Fuji??!!?? When they had all the time in the world to include Monaco and Massa’s catalog of mistakes.

      I know he’s the champ and a well deserved one, but that doesn’t mean the season review should comfortably miss out on some of the most important events of the season IMHO.

    6. Came across this really good montage put together by f1zone93 on this season – watch it quickly before Bernie gets to it:


    7. Was the F1 2006 FIA Gala montage left out deliberately? I rather liked that one, it’s got a good narrative to it and it was one of my favourite seasons in recent times.

      Only a couple of good songs though. :p

    8. Francois, thanks for the link. Loved the video.

    9. Just for anyone’s information, the music used for the 1991 season montage was “I See No Evil” by Television off their album Marquee Moon. This was my first year watching F1, so it’s a nice trip down memory lane, thanks Keith!

    10. How cringe-worthy was Schumi in the 2002 season review? I think I’m going to need a bucket…..

    11. I’ve never seen those FIA Gala videos before, holy cow “a bit pretentious” is the master of understatement. They were drivel.

      Lovely collection of videos though, as Owen has already pointed out that Prost quote about Senna was chilling.

    12. In the FIA F1 2002 GALA, at 6:28, isn’t that Nico Rosberg?
      Just at the right of the image, in the center a woman is clapping hands.-

    13. Even Rocky had a montage!

    14. In the 1991 post Australia review the music is amazing!

      See no evil from Television’s Masterpiece Marquee Moon

    15. Does anyone know where a complete season can be purchased?
      I’d love to have the 88, 89 and 90 complete seasons. Not the reviews but all of the races.


    16. Hmmm! When I saw the headline, I too thought Team America.
      Now, where have I put the last 10 years of F1 footage so I can post my own version on You Tube!

    17. Formula One racing/spectacle ended in 1994/95.
      The lack of competition and passing really killed the sport.
      Every race or so we get some passing but its not riveting.
      By that I mean I get as much pleasure from reading the review of a race as watching a race. That’s a damned shame.

    18. I really like ITV’s 1998 effort:


      Music (Cardigans – Favourite Game) works immensely well.

    19. I like this guy’s take on itv’s montage


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