Valentino Rossi, Ferrari, Mugello, 2008

Valentino Rossi’s first Ferrari test in pictures

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Valentino Rossi tested a Ferrari F1 car today at the Mugello circuit where he scored seven victories in Moto GP. Rossi claimed the Moto GP title for the sixth time this year.

He did 51 laps of the track, setting a best time of 1’23.9. That compares to Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer’s 1’21.010 at the track in September. Here’s a collection of photographs from Rossi’s test with Ferrari today.

Rossi, who started his career in karts before switching to motorbikes, has denied he will move to F1 in the future.

Pictures: Valentino Rossi’s Ferrari F1 test

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9 comments on “Valentino Rossi’s first Ferrari test in pictures”

  1. Nice to see #42

  2. He is the greatest motorsport champion I’ve ever seen. And he still looks like he’s just left school.

  3. No idea how you manage to get these hi-res photos Keith, but keep ’em coming :)

  4. “The Doctor” has a tremendous competitive spirit , while he is very professional in Moto Gp he still seems to be able to retain a boyish innocence which makes him come across as naturally “cool”. If he ever moved to F1 , would be very positive for the sport in my mind.

  5. Its #46 not #42

    And, that has to be one of the best helmet designs ever. Never seen anything so flashy

  6. ya… he is a pure genius al-rite…
    keith, is ferrari gonna launch a new car for the next season?

  7. think the doc can do donuts on four wheels now

  8. I don’t follow motorcycle racing at all but,I have watched Valentino before and he has more personality than half of the F1 grid combined.We need a doctor in the house.

  9. F1 can borrow the notion of putting drivers’ nicknames in the liveries from motorcycling: why do we know to call Rossi “The Doctor”? It’s embroidered on his ****.

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