Will an F1 driver win the RoC 2008?

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Sebastien Loeb and Michael Schumacher at the Race of Champions 2004
Sebastien Loeb and Michael Schumacher at the Race of Champions 2004

Tomorrow sees the 21st running of the annual Race of Champions, which takes place at Wembley Stadium.

The event pitches drivers from a range of motor racing disciplines against each other. But so far it has never been won by an active or former F1 driver. With Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Button and David Coulthard competing this year will that change tomorrow?

Here are the drivers competing in the 2008 Race of Champions:

Michael Schumacher (F1)
Sebastian Vettel (F1)
Jenson Button (F1)
Andy Priaulx (WTCC)
Jaime Alguersuari (F3)
Troy Bayliss (Moto GP)
Yvan Muller (WTCC)
Sebastien Loeb (WRC) (2x RoC winner)
Tom Kristensen (DTM / Sportscars)
Mattias Ekstrom (DTM) (2x RoC winner)
Carl Edwards (NASCAR)
Tanner Foust (Formula D)
David Coulthard (F1)
Jason Plato (BTCC)
Adam Carroll (A1 Grand Prix)
Gareth MacHale (Rally)

Heikki Kovalainen won the Race of Champions in 2004, but that was before he became an F1 driver. Michael Schumacher made it to the final last year but was defeated by Mattias Ekstrom.

The Race of Champions was born as a rallying competition but has grown to include drivers from a wealth of competitions. Mark Webber was also scheduled to participate this year but the broken leg he suffered last month has ruled him out of competition.

Will an ex-F1 driver finally with the Race of Champions this year? Here’s the draw for the first round of the knockout competition:

Michael Schumacher vs Tom Kristensen
Carl Edwards vs Jaime Alguersuari
Jenson Button vs Tanner Foust
David Coulthard vs Gareth MacHale
Andy Priaulx vs Jason Plato
Mattias Ekstrom vs Adam Carroll
Sebastien Loeb vs Yvan Muller
Sebastian Vettel vs Troy Bayliss

You can watch the event live online on Autosport tomorrow.

See images and video of the 2008 Race of Champions track here: Wembley Stadium to host all-star motor race

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  • 18 comments on “Will an F1 driver win the RoC 2008?”

    1. i dont think so but i routing for jenson button

    2. I’m going to say Eki makes it three in a row.

    3. If it’s an F1 driver, it has to be Vettel.

    4. Hmmm…

      I went last year and it was fun but not compulsive…

      As to who might win… I have to ask… does anyone really care?…

      And I think that is the problem… and why I am not going this year…

    5. As Lady Snowcat says, I don’t think the result of this event is too meaningful though I bet it’s fun for the drivers…

      Troy Bayliss got a bum draw…

      I just wonder why it is called Race of Champions if so many of the participants… aren’t. Oh well, still a neat idea.

    6. Pitpass dot com has 6 hours of it live via Freecaster.tv

    7. Here is the viewer link –
      If you have Firefox – keep zooming in to make the viewer window larger – subject to viewable resolution !

    8. Keith,
      The picture is from 2004 not 2007

    9. D Winn, do you have anything against the fullscreen button? ;)

      Go Eki! We swedes don’t have much else to be proud of in the motoring world. I do think Vettel might win though.

      I wonder if Schumacher will have his cars taped up to hide non Ferrari sponsors this year too.

    10. A bit disappointed they replaced Webber with someone not Australian and changed the team. Would have been nice to see Will Power getting some of the kudos he deserves, the guy’s better than a lot of poeple give him credit for. Of it they really wanted to keep the team to champions, even Whincup from V8Supercar would have been interesting to see, especially seeing there’s NASCAR, WTCC, BTCC and DTM represented.
      Or David Brabham, be good to have seen him out and about in this format.

    11. As long as Loeb is in contention, nobody else has a chance, not even Michael Schumacher.

    12. Thanks H – sorted it.

    13. Kind of wonder why Valentino Rossi isn’t up for it given he’s getting into the whole WRC experience.

    14. Well, loaded up the view in the first few minutes and it was working, albeit slowly. So I decided to reconnect and now I get a message saying ‘Sorry, this video cannot be viewed in your country’. And yes, I’m in the UK.

      I’m baffled. Looks like I’ll have to miss this one :(

      Go Team GB.

    15. @Tengil – the full screen button does not expand the actual panel – only the page :)

    16. @Tengil – Oh I see what you mean now – didn’t spot that lil button in the corner – Oops ! :)

    17. I hope the Wembley crowd gets to see a backflip or two.

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