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F1 Teams will be scaling back their extravagant launches in 2009
F1 Teams will be scaling back their extravagant launches in 2009

January and February are the fallow months for F1 fans as we wait for the new season to begin.

But with cars to be launched, testing to be done and other events and racing going on, the pre-season weeks needn’t be boring. Here’s a guide to what’s happening between now at the first race of 2009.

2009 F1 car launches

Most teams have said that in 2009 they will not do the kind of spectacular, lavish launches we have seen in the past. The following launch dates have been confirmed so far:

Red Bull will launch their RB5 in March at a date yet to be confirmed on February 9th. The same car will be used by Toro Rosso although they might have to wait a few races to get it as happened last year.

Force India are in a similar situation regarding McLaren, who they are relying upon for several major components in a new deal starting this year.

2009 F1 tests

Pre-season testing has added importance this year as once the season has begun teams will not be allowed to test until after the final race of the year.

These are the test sessions I’ve been able to find out about so far. If you know of any more, please post details below and I’ll add them to the F1 Fanatic Calendar.

It’s not always possible to predict which teams are going to attend which tests but it’s safe to assume most teams will take advantage of most test days between now and the start of the season.

Circuit de la Comunitat Valenciana Ricardo Tormo, Spain – 20th-23rd January

BMW will test at the permanent track at Valencia after launching its 2009 challenger at the circuit on January 20th.

Autodromo Internacional do Algarve, Portugal – 20th-22nd January

Toyota will do their first test at the new Portuguese circuit which was well received by McLaren and Ferrari who tested their at the end of December. Renault will also have their new R29 at the Algarve circuit.

Circuito Permanante de Jerez, Spain – 10-13th February

Most teams are expected to attend a four-day test at the former Grand Prix circuit at Jerez in Spain.

For more 2009 F1 car launch and tests dates see the F1 Fanatic Calendar

Other events

Autosport International – 8-11th January

Autosport’s annual motorsports extravaganza at the NEC in Birmingham. Public days are the 10th and 11th. Alianora la Canta is also running a kart race for F1 fans on the Saturday evening. Sadly I can’t be there but if you want to show up see Alianora’s site for more info.

GP2 Asia, A1 Grand Prix and more

There’s plenty of other racing to tide you over between now and the start of the 2009 season. GP2 Asia, which will be supporting the Malaysian and Bahrain Grands Prix, has two races coming up before the F1 gets started. It’s at Bahrain International Circuit on January 23rd-24th and Losail in Qatar for a night race on February 6th-7th.

A1 Grand Prix resumes its 2008-09 season at New Zealand’s Taupo circuit on January 25th, followed by the new Lippo street circuit in Indonesia on February 8th. Kyalami in South Africa hosts the next round on February 22nd, then onto another former F1 venue, Mexico City, on March 15th.

Share details of any other F1 events you know about below and I’ll add them to the F1 Fanatic Calendar.

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  1. Hola – just read at Atlas that the Ferrari launch date has been moved up to January 11th (as per a post by AFCA). Cheers.

    1. Thanks Rebecca – will update…

  2. Autosport are reporting its now Monday January 12th for the F2009 and Red Bull have said the RB5 will make its on track debut in February now, not March as expected.

    I’ve always loved launch season. How about everybody else?

    1. Thanks Pete, have updated accordingly.

  3. The launch parties are a waste of money anyway…..put that money in the pit crew’s pocket and watch them ratchet up thier performance(I’m sure Massa would get on this plan)

    I wonder how much the testing ban is going to effect the regular season?Should it tighten the field or leave alot of backmarkers?

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