F1 links: RBS boss and the FIA rumour

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Is Sir Fred Goodwin revving up for a new start?

“Whispers north of the border suggest Sir Fred has been sounded out over a role in Formula One, possibly in a post-Max Mosley world.” Yes that’s the same Sir Fred Goodwin of RBS who was being slagged off in the papers yesterday.

Raikkonen happy with Ferrari’s KERS

“You have more power but for such a short time that I think it won’t change things much. Maybe it’s an interesting invention, but I don’t think it’s decisive.”

Technical analysis of the BMW F1.09

What differentiates the F1.09 from its rivals is the treatment to the front of the sidepods. The chassis blends into the front of the sidepods with a wedge shaped structure. This also forms the inner face of the sidepod inlet, while the areas just above and below it are aimed at influencing airflow over, and particularly under, the sidepod.

Keep or Not Keep his Toro Rosso in 2009

Sato may lose out on Toro Rosso drive due to credit crunch.

Will Toyota still be on the F1 grid in 2010?

Toyota’s pre-season press briefing inspires little confidence in their commitment to F1.

Conway switches to IndyCar

Former Honda F1 tester Mike Conway might not have got the switch to Formula 1 he was hoping for, but he has found a berth in the IndyCar series for 2009.

Thank You Ron Dennis!

One for the McLaren fans – posted by Pavel Lovtsevich on the F1 Fanatic Facebook Group.

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    1. F1live says Bourdais confirmed for 2009 to add to that the Toro Rosso team website have put Buemi and Bourdais as there team drivers for 2009.
      Damn now I can’t say Sebi B coz they r both Sebi B!!!! Lol!!

    2. P.S. Anything on Jenson and Honda???
      also F1live says their are rumors about Renault staying in F1 for 2010 which does not suprise. Me especially if Alonso is going to Ferrari!

      If so who is going Raikkonen surely (hope not fab driver)!!!

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